Skylight Consulting Chose Feedpath Gadget Over Google Apps

Oct 28, 2010, 12:19 ET from Feedpath, Inc.

TOKYO, Oct. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Feedpath, Inc., a Japanese leading cloud application service provider, announced that Skylight Consulting Inc. (Skylight), a Japanese professional business consulting firm, chose Feedpath Gadget over Google Apps Premier Edition.

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Feedpath Gadget is expanding the functionality of Google Calendar on Google Apps. Simply install from Google Apps Marketplace. Feedpath Gadget has surpassed 10 thousand users a month after launch, Google Apps customers are very high-demand services. So, Feedpath announced the introduction of Skylight as a success story at first time.

Introduction background:

Skylight is using Web Calendar on web based collaboration system by on-premise operation.

Issues 1:

On-premise operation due to limitations of the collaboration system. Skylight is planning replacement feasibility study to high flexible services as Google Apps.

Skylight using Web Calendar on the collaboration system by on-premise operation. There is restrictions on access methods and devices used from the outside. Therefore, from outside consultants to conduct business, "scheduled to see easily from anywhere" was mentioned as a need.

In addition, due to scheduled power outages or hardware failure cannot exclude the possibility 24x7 operation was difficult. Skylight studies Web Calendar accessibility from PC and Smart Phones on the Cloud.

In terms of Web Calendar, but very little loss of quality and security risks by outsourcing in recent years that in many cases rather better Google Apps Premier Edition has been deployed.

Issues 2:

Google Apps does not have a familiar Group Calendaring.

Google Apps is easily accessible the Web Calendar from outside and could be expected to improve convenience. However, the familiar "group" that there is no ability to view a list of members will be lumped in with the new problem.

Therefore, Skylight was examined by several third-party Group Calendaring, many Group Calendaring are provided by a third party is needed in the dual management must be logged in a separate account, also performance is not fit as required. Skylight needs solution could be found. In such a solution investigating, Feedpath Gadget will be known.

Why does Skylight chose Feedpath Gadget:

Google Apps Premier Edition was deployment of decision support Feedpath Gadget was present.

Feedpath Gadget is a simple to deploy and operate from the convenience of all heights and Group calendaring, decisions deployment went smoothly. Therefore, it is possible to assess and to solve problems effectively.

As a result, Skylight deployed Google Apps Premier Edition and Feedpath Gadget into company-wide.

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