SkyMall May Rise in the Hands of Former Advertiser

Gadget clothing company SCOTTeVEST makes a move to acquire - or replace - the bankrupt SkyMall catalog in airline seat back pockets everywhere

Jan 28, 2015, 15:35 ET from SCOTTeVEST

SUN VALLEY, Idaho, Jan. 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- In a bold bid, travel-friendly clothing company SCOTTeVEST has begun the process to acquire - and reimagine - SkyMall.  "SkyMall was doomed to fail by its business model," asserts SCOTTeVEST CEO & Founder Scott Jordan, whose multi-pocketed, gadget-carrying vests and jackets appeared regularly in SkyMall for years.  "But I know how to fix it."

Jordan's plan - which has been in development since hours after SkyMall's bankruptcy announcement - would completely revamp the SkyMall brand and way of doing business, and may even include an as-yet-unspecified name change for the iconic catalog.  While the airlines will remain major partners in the success of a reimagined SkyMall, improving its digital presence, expanding into airport stores and working with in-flight internet providers are all part of the plan.

"My SCOTTeVEST products appeared in SkyMall catalogs off-and-on for years, so I am already familiar with their business practices and all the parts of their model that didn't and couldn't ever work.  SkyMall pioneered a channel for consumer communication and built a unique marketplace for products not found in traditional stores.  In keeping with these innovations, the successor to SkyMall will have a new, progressive and digitally-oriented presence.  More importantly, it will be highly profitable for all parties involved."

The proposed timeline could have the new SkyMall on flights as soon as April, and while travel-ready gadgets will remain a part of the product line-up, there will be a shift away from kitschy gear and toward a curated mix of items.  Jordan's own SCOTTeVEST brand, which creates stylish, pocket-filled clothing for travelers, has committed to be the first major advertiser following the planned acquisition.  

Jordan indicates that innovative brands like Apple would be a natural fit for the new SkyMall.  With people like Steve Wozniak (co-Founder of Apple), Hap Klopp (Founder of The North Face) and tech-evangelist Robert Scoble already on SCOTTeVEST's board, there would be no shortage of influential brands accessible to SkyMall.

While profitability is key, the next-gen SkyMall will have a built-in charitable component.  An unspecified percentage of all sales will benefit charities dedicated to hunger, clean water and other universal issues, with PSA space in each issue.

Jordan is currently under NDA with the firm brokering the sale of SkyMall, but is free to comment on any matters not covered by his agreement.

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Founded in 2000, SCOTTeVEST engineers TEC-Technology Enabled Clothing® with hidden, travel-friendly pockets for men and women.  SCOTTeVEST is privately held and headquartered in beautiful Ketchum/Sun Valley, Idaho.  CEO/Founder Scott Jordan recently authored the top-rated book, "Pocket Man."