Sleep Experts Say: Start New Year With New Mattress for Better Sleep, Improved Health

McRoskey Mattress offers tips on how to tell when you need a new mattress

Jan 05, 2010, 15:31 ET from McRoskey Mattress Company

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Sleep and health are closely connected and a new mattress can help with better sleep according to Oklahoma State University sleep experts. McRoskey owner Robin McRoskey Azevedo says that most people begin their search for a new mattress long after it's due. Azevedo adds, "More research is linking good health to getting good rest. We hear of this almost daily from our customers."

OSU research links greater sleep quality and reduced back pain, stiffness and shoulder pain to sleeping on a new mattress as compared to mattresses five years or older. According to OSU lead researcher Bert Jacobson, EdD, timely replacement and mattress quality can have a positive impact on sleep and overall quality of life. Jacobson's latest study appeared in the Journal of Ergonomics and offers fresh analysis of work published by the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine in 2006.

McRoskey Mattress Company has handcrafted mattresses in San Francisco since 1899, and offers these tips to determine if you need to replace your mattress.


  • Do you wake up with stiffness or aches?
  • Have you had a better night's sleep somewhere other than your own bed?
  • Is your mattress overused?
  • Does it sag, have an exposed interior or lumps?
  • Are you no longer comfortable on your mattress and box spring?

If you answered yes to any of these, it's time to replace your mattress. Before you begin your search for a new mattress, do your homework to know what constitutes a quality mattress.

When testing the mattress, lie down on it for at least 15 minutes.

Comfort is personal. Softness or firmness isn't necessarily better. Choose a mattress that allows your body to relax naturally. Size relates to comfort. Choose a size that fits you and is large enough for movement.

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