SlimWare Utilities Announces Market Launch for SlimComputer, Cleaning Software for New Computers

SlimComputer Prepares New Computers for Peak Performance

Oct 13, 2010, 08:00 ET from SlimWare Utilities

D'IBERVILLE, Miss., Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- SlimWare Utilities, a cloud-based provider of computer optimization solutions, today announced the market launch of SlimComputer, a free, downloadable software that removes bloat and unneeded programs from brand-new computers. SlimComputer is available for download at

SlimComputer looks for unnecessary applications that come pre-loaded on new PCs, such as trial offers, promotional software, advertising links, unwanted toolbars, start-up items and shortcuts. By allowing users to identify optional or unwanted and pre-loaded software, SlimComputer improves the function of a brand-new PC and optimizes it for peak performance.

"New computers come pre-loaded with dozens of unnecessary programs that drain resources and slow down a machine," said Chris Cope, CEO of SlimWare Utilities. "By giving consumers the ability to remove software they didn't ask for and don't want, we're letting people customize their online experience and have the best, most optimized new computer."

Key Learnings from the Beta Period

First launched as a public beta at the Black Hat Conference in July, SlimComputer is coming to market with an enhanced user experience and more information about the pre-loaded programs that exist on an individual's machine. Key learnings from the beta period have been built into SlimComputer, including more consumer protection against accidentally deleting mission-critical operation system functions.

"We've added features that give consumers more detail about applications that are slowing or disrupting their new PC," said Cope. "By providing more information about what's on a consumer's PC, we empower people to make better decisions about which applications they keep and which they should remove."  Cope noted that more than 2,000 consumers have participated in the betas and registered as SlimWare Utilities users, at

How SlimComputer Works

SlimComputer uses cloud technology and community-sourced input to provide up-to-the minute recommendations about which programs on a new machine are unneeded. With one click of the "run scan" button in SlimComputer's main window, consumers receive information about which software, start-up items and toolbars are considered "optional" on their new PC. SlimComputer uses a real-time stream to SlimWare Utilities' cloud-based data to make up-to-the-minute evaluations about software. By accessing this contributive cloud, SlimComputer obtains the latest information about software, services and toolbars, no matter how recent.

SlimComputer Key Attributes

  • Removes or disables unwanted, pre-installed software, toolbars, trial offers, ad ware, start-up items, short-cuts and other unneeded applications that drain resources and interfere with a new PC's performance.
  • Can restore disabled start-ups, toolbars and short-cuts with one click.
  • Optimizes and tweaks PC start-up and Windows services to boost performance.
  • Uninstalls: Allows consumers to see community ratings for applications and remove software based on the community-sourced ratings.
  • Speeds computer start-up, improves performance of a PC's operating system and its software.
  • Provides a single dashboard for access to powerful built-in Windows tools.

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About SlimWare Utilities

SlimWare Utilities uses cloud-based technology and community-based input to develop software and services that clean, repair, stabilize and optimize personal computers and other Internet devices. By providing products that improve performance, establish connections and increase efficiencies among consumers' Internet devices, SlimWare Utilities improves how consumers manage and interact with their data – whether on their PC, tablet or mobile device. SlimWare Utilities products organize data and establish smoother, faster compatibility between operating systems and devices to help make all of a consumer's computing functions run better, faster and more effectively. Headquartered near Biloxi, Mississippi, SlimWare Utilities' cloud-based, crowd-sourced software provides consumers with personalized applications developed from the community input of IT users everywhere. For more information, please visit

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