Slimware Utilities' DriverUpdate™ Tool Makes Upgrading to Windows® 10 a Cinch

PC Software Solution Helps Automate and Ease Transition

Jul 22, 2015, 09:21 ET from Slimware Utilities Holdings, Inc.

NEW YORK, July 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Slimware Utilities Holdings, Inc., a leader in PC optimization solutions, today announced Windows® 10 compatibility with its DriverUpdate™ product. DriverUpdate™ allows consumers to scan their system and, with its one-click premium feature, automatically update their drivers so that all hardware (printers, scanners, monitors, video cards, and more) will work more smoothly with the new operating system. Slimware also shares five top tips to transition to Windows® 10 seamlessly.

"While Windows® 10 offers terrific new features in terms of functionality, transitioning to a new operating system can cause problems in a PC if the right steps are not taken to make sure that all components of the system are functioning well together," said Bob Bryant, chief technology officer at Slimware Utilities. "Consumers will want to update their PC's drivers to make sure that their new Windows® 10 operating system communicates properly with their hardware, such as their printers, monitors, scanners, joysticks, USB busses and video cards, to avoid loss of functionality."

How it works in five steps:

  1. Understand how drivers work. Drivers are small pieces of software that allow a computer to communicate with hardware and devices. Without the correct drivers, the hardware connected to a computer – for example, a video card or a printer – won't work properly.
  2. Get a clear profile. Run a scan with DriverUpdate™, which gives a clean, clear view of drivers that may need updating.
  3. Download up-to-date drivers. Once registered for the premium features available, simply pull the most up-to-date drivers from Slimware Utilities' cloud. The community-sourced software is constantly on the lookout, automatically detecting whenever new driver versions are released and pulling them into Slimware Utilities' cloud for storage.
  4. Update the right drivers. With its one-click premium feature, DriverUpdate™ automatically scans a computer, figures out what kind of hardware is present and downloads the correct, up-to-date driver. This updated driver is delivered from the Slimware Utilities' cloud database directly to the user's PC.
  5. Drivers are automatically updated. One by one, the selected drivers begin their install processes automatically. DriverUpdate™ gives consumers the ability to save time and effort by not worrying about choosing the right drivers. DriverUpdate™ helps software and hardware communicate efficiently, making applications on a PC and its devices work together properly.

Make the transition to Windows® 10 smooth and successful by following these simple steps:

  1. Make a reservation for a free Windows® 10 upgrade. Microsoft is offering free upgrades to  Windows® 10 when it becomes available, beginning July 29, 2015. Users can register now to receive their free upgrade:
  2. Back up important files before beginning. It's better to be safe than sorry. As with any system upgrade or change, backing up the files and documents on your PC is always a good idea.
  3. Clean up PC. With a new OS, everything needs to run smoothly for a clean and fast experience. SlimCleaner Plus™ cleans and optimizes all PCs with the help of user-generated data.
  4. Update the software. Microsoft users should update their current operating system software before upgrading. For example, Windows® 7 users should be running Windows® 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1), and Windows® 8 users should be running Windows® 8.1 (Update), according to Microsoft's Windows® 10 FAQ.
  5. Update drivers. For those who may not want to spend time hunting for the correct driver software, using an automated solution will identify and install the exact drivers needed to make all hardware work in perfect harmony with the new operating system.

DriverUpdate™ is available for $29.97, and can be downloaded at

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