SlimWare Utilities Rewrites the Rules of PC Backup and Recovery with RecImg Manager, Free Software Designed for Windows 8

Jul 10, 2012, 09:23 ET from SlimWare Utilities

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss., July 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- SlimWare Utilities today announced the launch of RecImg Manager, its free, PC-backup solution designed for Windows 8. Available for free download at, RecImg Manager is a new way for users to restore and reinstall their entire Windows 8 Operating System and software in minutes without losing personal documents or files.  RecImg Manager will work on any Intel-based device running Windows 8, including tablets such as Microsoft's new Surface tablet debuting later this year.

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Why System Restore?
Malware, system errors and other malfunctions can make it necessary for users to restore, or "refresh" their PC's operating system. In the past, traditional PC backup and recovery tools have simply taken a snapshot of the PC's entire disk. Unfortunately, this resulted in the loss of any personal documents created or altered since the snapshot was taken, and required a significant amount of space to facilitate storing personal documents.

By contrast, RecImg Manager creates a backup snapshot of just the Windows 8 operating system and installed software. During recovery, RecImg Manager reinstalls only Windows 8 and its components, which means documents, videos, music and other personal files remain untouched and intact – nothing is lost.

And, because RecImg Manager reinstalls just Windows and software, the recovery process takes a matter of minutes, instead of hours or days, as can be the case when installing the entire OS, software and transferring all of your documents onto the drive.

In this way, RecImg Manager turns what would otherwise be a weekend-long task -- identifying the cause of a system error, reinstalling Windows, reinstalling software, transferring all of your personal documents -- into an easy, automated process lasting a few minutes.

"Consumers need the peace of mind of knowing that they won't lose their personal documents and files if they need to reset Windows to fix a system error, or to improve a slow-running machine's performance," said Chris Cope, CEO of SlimWare Utilities. "We made RecImg Manager specifically for the new Windows 8 operating system to address that need. It's an automatic reset for Windows 8 without losing data."

Automatic Rewind: A Fast System Restore Without Losing Data
Cope noted that RecImg Manager restores Windows 8 components and installed software to the right place on the hard drive without losing documents, pictures, music or other data, and lets users backup and restore their disk to different sources, multiple times. 

He added that RecImg Manager also takes a smaller snapshot image – just Windows 8 and installed software, not every personal document – which means the image can be stored on a user's tablet, ultrabook, PC or other device without taking up much space, a valuable time-saving and convenience feature.

RecImg Manager provides an automated, easy-to-use touch-pad interface that makes reinstalling Windows 8 fast, intuitive and simple. RecImg Manager can easily be configured to take system snapshots at scheduled intervals. This helps to ensure that an operating system is always properly backed up. Additionally, RecImg Manager can automatically purge old images, saving valuable disk space. Users can pre-determine where backup images will be stored and schedule automatic backups at no cost.

RecImg Manager uses SlimWare Utilities' cloud database to store an operating system's precise settings and configurations. Icons, shortcuts, personalized settings – all Windows components and applications return to the point before the damage occurred, with the operating system data, files and folders in the same locations. Because RecImg Manager lets users schedule their own back-up times, consumers can choose when and how often they backup their home PC system. 

RecImg Manager Key Features:

  • Free, unlimited Windows 8 operating system recovery and reset, including all system files, program files, settings and installed software, in a matter of minutes with no data loss.
  • All video, music, personal documents and files all remain intact; no personal documents are erased during restore or recovery. 
  • Backup images are small enough to be stored on tablets, notebooks, ultrabooks and other Windows devices, making it easy to reinstall Windows and applications. 
  • Seamless integration with devices running Windows 8.
  • Store backups on local and removable drives.
  • Manage multiple backups with name, date, description and backup size.
  • Schedule – and specify the location of – automatic backups.
  • Set the maximum number of snapshots to keep.
  • Automatically purge outdated snapshots.
  • Modern Windows 8 Metro-style interface is easy to use, and works well on tablets.
  • Very small application size (downloads and installs quickly).

RecImg Manager is the latest PC utility software product developed by SlimWare Utilities, makers of community-based software for PC cleaning and optimization, including SlimCleaner, SlimComputer and SlimDrivers. For more information, please visit

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