Small Demons, Book World's 'Latest Mind Game and Guilty Pleasure,' Announces Deal With Fifth Major Book Publisher, Penguin; Start Up Continues To Expand Database Of Books

Jan 15, 2013, 10:00 ET from Small Demons

New Tech Start-Up Allows Readers To Search for Content In More of Their Favorite Books Than Ever Before, Connecting the Dots Between Thousands More Books

NEW YORK, Jan. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Small Demons, the innovative start-up that connects all the details of all the books we read into a connected web of information, announced today that it has added a fifth of the big six book publishers with the addition of Penguin to its catalogue.  Having already inked deals with Simon & Schuster, Random House, Harper Collins and Hachette, Small Demons now has content deals with five of the big six publishing houses. Many books within the Penguin collection, including bestselling genre fiction and the world's leading classics brand Penguin Classics, will begin to appear on the site over the course of 2013, allowing readers to explore their favorite books and draw surprising connections between seemingly disparate literary worlds: from Jack Kerouac's jazz legends to Jim Butcher's Chicago wizards, from Jane Austen's genteel England to Charlaine Harris's tumultuous Bon Temps, Louisiana.

"Penguin's addition to Small Demons will greatly expand the connectivity of the world of literature by providing readers with access to the fine details found in contemporary fiction like JR Ward to classics like Madame Bovary," said Valla Vakili, the founder of Small Demons. "With the addition of more and more publishers to Small Demons we are getting ever closer to a complete cataloging of all things in all books."

"We're happy to be working with Small Demons to grow a sophisticated web of connections between books," said Molly Barton, Global Digital Director at Penguin. "In today's increasingly digital world, Penguin strongly supports platforms that help readers to engage in adventurous browsing and serendipitous discovery."

In addition to the major publishers, Small Demons has contracts with Perseus, W.W. Norton, and Sourcebooks, with plans to bring even more publishing houses into the fold in the coming year.

"Small Demons is a devilishly ingenious way for book lovers to get lost in books, and book titles to get found online," said Rick Joyce, Chief Marketing Officer at The Perseus Books Group.  "I think of Small Demons as a serendipity engine, elegantly powering authentic consumer discovery.  Perseus is pleased to have our titles woven into Small Demons."

The data that Small Demons provides publishers grants greater flexibility in merchandising and promoting books while stimulating the literary industry as a whole. With this comprehensive data indexing provided by Small Demons, publishers now have more tools than ever at their disposal to reach consumers. 

With Small Demons, avid readers, music connoisseurs, and movie buffs now have the opportunity to fully engage and connect with people, places, events, and the finer details of the stories they love. Small Demons is the first place of its kind where these readers are able to participate with stories outside of their pages and be directed to venues that offer further engagement. The Associated Press referred to Small Demons as "the book world's latest mind game and guilty pleasure and a proving ground that everything is really connected."

Publishing houses like Random House have jumped at the chance to work with Small Demons, as it gives them an opportunity to connect and cross market their books, generating publicity for books through the content people know and love.  Publishers can now make books that were once hidden or lost in a sea of media discoverable again, satisfying the urge by consumers to find and interact with new and unique people, places and things.

Small Demons has thus far cataloged a total of 10,000 books and is adding thousands more monthly. To explore Small Demons visit  

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