Small is Good for Auto Rental, Says California Rent-A-Car

The impending merger of car rental giants may generate headlines, but it's personalized, high quality customer service that makes a company great

Sep 06, 2012, 16:36 ET from California Rent-A-Car

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The financial pages have been buzzing with car rental news as two of the largest companies in the business are heading towards a merger that appears destined for confirmation by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). What that means for consumers is that the kind of highly individualized, high quality service and selection provided by California Rent-A-Car is going to become rarer – and more valuable – than ever.

There's no getting around the fact that the very well-known car rental behemoths have certain advantages in the overall marketplace. What customers should know is that, when it comes down to getting a car rental in Los Angeles, California Rent-A-Car is able to provide the kind of service that the big names simply cannot. The company prides itself on providing everything a demanding customer would expect from an auto rental agency, plus a number of pleasant surprises.

When getting an LAX car rental, you might expect to find a selection of standard autos from a few of the best known auto makers. California Rent-A-Car, however, is proud to provide a selection that includes a surprisingly diverse selection of luxury, specialty, and green autos. Whether a Mini-Cooper Clubman, a VW Beetle, a Mercedes S550, a Toyota Prius or even a Cadillac Escalade Hybrid is a customer's preference, this highly lauded car rental agency provides the kind of selection which is likely to please not only typical drivers, but also the most exacting of automotive enthusiasts.

Despite the company's outstanding selection, however, California Rent-A-Car has stated clearly that what actually sets it apart from its competition is the extremely high level of customer service it can provide. Frequent visitors to Los Angeles have often been dismayed by the imbroglio a simple car rental at LAX can become. The horror stories are legion and they point to an array of problems that all come down to one simple matter: half-hearted and sometimes just plain poor customer service.

Employees at California Rent-a-Car's five west Los Angeles locations pride themselves on providing only the most attentive, efficient, knowledgeable and friendly service possible. They are able to provide a level of personalized effort that would be unthinkable at many of the larger car rental agencies. No two car rental customers have exactly the same situation, and California Rent-A-Car aims to provide service that really takes that fact into account.

To find out more about California Rent-A-Car, its commitment to customer service and its vast and varied selection of vehicles, please visit the company online at  There's no reason to deal with long lines and apathetic clerks when California Rent-A-Car regularly proves that smaller is very often better.

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