Smaller and Lighter: Insta360 Nano Challenges Gear 360 in the US Market

Mar 15, 2016, 09:07 ET from Insta360

SHENZHEN, China, March 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- ASI announced that they will introduce Insta360 to the US market. Insta360 is a new spherical camera designed for shooting high quality, high resolution photography. Featuring Insta360 Nano, the product may be the smallest spherical camera in the world.

The news came not long after Samsung Electronics released its ball-shaped Gear 360 VR camera. The Gear 360 can pair with the S7 or S7 Edge for its data processing. In terms of portability, the 75 gram Insta360 Nano is lighter and easier to carry.

Insta360 Nano is a state of the art camera capable of shooting and stitching panoramic images in real time. By coupling the device with two 210 degree fish eye lens, video definition can go as high as 3K. In addition, users are able to share those images on Facebook and YouTube with a simple keystroke.

Insta360 Nano can easily be connected with an iPhone via an Apple Lightning cable. By doing so, it becomes a simple plug-and–play device with a 70 minute battery while supportting a maximum 64G external memory card; there are five different color options to match users' iPhones.

Insta360 launched a corresponding mobile app that can directly control indices like shutter speed, photosensitivity, white balance and some basic image post processing.

Competitive advantages of Insta360 Nano

Currently spherical cameras are very costly and may having some technical difficulties with image stitching. Insta360 is priced under 200 dollars, which is considered to be a fairly low-priced product with a huge market potential in personal consumption.

The company has already been selling a similar version in China, the Insta360 4k, which has fuled anticipation and excitement for the camera to arrive in the US market.

With the popularity and wide application for VR technology, there are increasing numbers of people hoping to own a convenient panoramic shooting device. Facebook is striving to create a social network based on VR technology. So, an affordable spherical camera will provide enthusiasts a perfect opportunity to keep up with the trends.

Despite the fact that VR originated in the US, it seems that the Chinese companies are catching up and making spherical cameras avaliable to the general public through their business acumen and the determination to make products more entertaining.

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