Smart Phones and Tablet Computers Taking Education Delivery to the Next Level

Jun 09, 2010, 12:48 ET from

ST. LOUIS, June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobile devices like smart phones and tablet computers are taking the world of education by storm. We've all watched online learning grow in popularity since the late 1990's with just about any kind of courseware now available via web delivery. And now, with the introduction of the iPad and other touch screen tablet devices, online learning is about to take another giant step toward anywhere, anytime learning.

American School of Real Estate Express, aka recently announced that all of its online real estate license and continuing education courses are available to run on any device with an internet browser - no apps are required. This includes the iPhone, iPad and iTouch. It also includes the Blackberry and any phone using the Android platform. This means that students can now study, take quizzes and real estate exams and interact with instructors from anywhere.

David Goldstein, the company's CTO explained: "The system we use for delivering real estate courses and testing online is perfectly suited to a small touch screen. The one drawback to tablets and smart phones is the awkwardness of typing on odd sized and formatted keypads. But there is no typing required in real estate express courses so in our case there is no issue."

Experts from the field of online learning tell us to expect a wave of educators adapting course and testing delivery for effective delivery on small touch screens. The appeal of true self-paced learning with no location limitations is too big to ignore.


Also known as The American School of Real Estate Express, is one of the oldest providers of online real estate education in the US and has been offering online real estate license courses and real estate exam prep since 1997.

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