SmartCube 4025 Modular Data Center: All the Power, Greater Redundancy, Half the Price

SmartCube, the leading Latin American Modular Data Center Company, Makes The World's Most Affordable 25 kW/Rack Modular Data Center with Redundant Power and Cooling.

Oct 12, 2011, 06:45 ET from SmartCube Ltd

RIO DE JANEIRO, Oct. 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- SmartCube announces the availability of the 4025 energy efficient modular data center with redundant, scalable power and cooling systems and at an incredibly low price.

The SmartCube 4025 includes full depth industry standard IT cabinets (2,000 mm x 600 mm x 1,000 mm), with the ability to adapt to non-standard cabinets.  This affordable modular data center includes efficient, dynamic, independently connected in-row cooling systems, biometric access control, two independent power distribution systems, monitoring, fire detection and fire suppression systems for as little as half the price of comparable models.  

With the SmartCube 4025, you can:  

Reduce your modular data center capital cost by up to 50%. SmartCube has dramatically reduced the cost of acquiring a fast, affordable, efficient, scalable modular data center solution.  Through intelligent engineering, Brazil-based manufacturing and the use of a significant amount of Brazil made components, SmartCube is able to sell a 12 meter, 25 kW per rack, modular data center for less than the price of an imported 6 meter container.  

Save over R$1 Million per year in operating expenses. The 4025 is designed with in-row cooling units deployed in a hot aisle/cold aisle configuration. This provides a dramatic reduction in cooling energy cost when compared to a traditional data center. The 4025's energy efficiency results in an annual savings nearly equal to the cost of the unit.  And, if you are using less than 25 kW per rack, the cooling system in the 4025 adapts to the level of heat being generated by the IT equipment, maintaining a high level of energy efficiency.  

Be prepared for the future. The 4025 supports up to 25 kW per 42U cabinet. Unlike higher priced, much lower power density imports from China, the 4025 can support future IT power density growth, without having to buy a replacement or an additional modular data center. Simply add external power, UPS and cooling capacity as you need it.  

Tom Oberlin, President of SmartCube, said: "The 4025 is a breakthrough modular data center product.  It has all the power, greater redundancy and a much lower price point than any other product on the market.  Now IT departments everywhere can gain the benefits of rapid deployment, low operating expense and scalability within a significantly lower budget. And, like all SmartCube Modular Data Centers, it is made in Brazil."

About SmartCube Ltd

SmartCube Ltd is a privately held company formed in 2009 and owned by Accelerator Technology Holdings Limited and Cubecorp, LLC.  The company has offices in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil and focuses on engineering, building and deploying modular, energy efficient, scalable data center solutions.  The company is led by industry veterans with significant experience in data center: design, construction, operation, sales and marketing; and IT manufacturing and finance.  

About Accelerator Technology Holdings

Accelerator Technology Holdings Limited (ATH) operates through a group of companies established in Bahrain and Jordan to identify, invest in and help build best of breed ventures in the ICT value chain in the Arab world. Accelerator Technology Holdings endeavors to establish Technology, Media, and Telecom space in the Middle East. The company invests in interactive web ventures, animation and content creation, mobile and financial services platform technologies, games development, media and telecoms.

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