Smarter Shoppers Require Smarter Sellers: Top Retailers Choose Teradata for Marketing Insight, Demand Foresight

Jan 08, 2010, 12:15 ET from Teradata Corporation

NEW YORK, Jan. 8 /PRNewswire/ --

  • Teradata retail analytics expertise, in-database tools and platform family provide insight, foresight for decision-making under economic pressure
  • Seventy percent of the top 20 retailers in the world rely on Teradata including the world's largest retailer plus the largest ones in France, in Germany and in the U.K.
  • Retailers new to and expanding capabilities with Teradata include: Home Depot,, Rakuten, Aeropostale, Apple, Cabela's, Shop Direct, Sheetz, Haggen, Tesco, Williams-Sonoma, JD Williams, GAP Inc., JCPenney, Sears, METRO,, Limited Stores and Carrefour
  • Demand is rising for real-time database insight, or 'active enterprise intelligence(TM)'

Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), the world's largest company solely focused on data warehousing and enterprise analytics, announced that in today's economic turbulence, retailers are increasingly adopting advanced analytics to identify competitive opportunities. At a time when shoppers are smarter, consumer-facing companies are also getting smarter with detailed intelligence mined from immense streams of data using Teradata systems. Retailers are ramping up demand forecasting, multi-channel marketing with deep web analytics, and pricing/profitability analytics. Adoption of real-time information is also on the rise in retail and related businesses with the growing use of Teradata Active Enterprise Intelligence(TM).

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As the National Retail Federation's 99th Annual Convention and Expo starts Monday, Teradata experts will speak on maximizing the power of the web in retail while also presenting demonstrations of web intelligence tools and analytical services in Teradata's booth 1453.

Retailers are integrating data into more centralized data warehouses and expanding the number of system users to analyze trends, engage customers online and act on foresight to seize opportunities and benefit from deeper business visibility. A few examples:

  • Cabela's, which just won an NCDM award for technology applications, has built an integrated, multichannel information framework on Teradata which helps its business analysts understand the detailed behavior of customers shopping across channels and who use its banking business - such as catalog shoppers who shop in the store, or store shoppers who start buying online. They are also a leading user of in-database analytics for predictive intelligence.
  • Hallmark, also winning an NCDM award just weeks ago for its Retailer Customized Marketing website, runs its local-store marketing tool on Teradata for storeowners -- which helps increase revenue while limiting costs. Through the company's website, thousands of retail storeowners can directly leverage relevant customer information in Hallmark's Teradata data warehouse to support their local marketing programs.
  •® has completed its implementation of Teradata Demand Chain Management (DCM), a data warehouse-driven software solution that produces accurate demand forecasts to drive improved inventory productivity and sales.
  • Using a Teradata data warehouse for analytics, Haggen (supermarkets) monitors every aspect of the business from operations to inventory to promotions. Store and regional managers have access to transaction data within 15 minutes of occurrence and can respond quickly to adjust and standardize pricing.
  • With the use of Teradata Demand Chain Management to support advanced forecasting models, JCPenney is able to better reduce inventory for items that experience a decrease in demand. By aligning inventory with sales trends as they happen in near real time, JCPenney sells more merchandise at retail prices and minimizes unsold merchandise moving to clearance. The result was an increase in operating income by $63 million during the recent retail downturn.


    Ed Dupee, vice   "In the past year and entering 2010 we're seeing a
    president of     significant upswing in retailers who are expanding
    retail industry  their Teradata intelligence systems, ranging from
    marketing,       convenience store retailer Sheetz to long-time
    Teradata         Teradata customer JCPenney. These and others
                     continue to leverage their Teradata analytical
                     platforms and customer management applications for
                     managing merchandise and customer relationships on an
                     enormous scale. In retail today, the business cases
                     in database analytics are stronger than
                     ever -- and rightly so -- the payback must be
                     quick. This is truly a sweet spot for Teradata." Ed
                     is featured in a podcast highlighting what's hot in
                     retail. To listen, please click here.

    Bill Franks,        "Members of my analytics consulting team and I are
    senior partner in   seeing retailers becoming more receptive to new ideas
    retail analytics,   -- and better appreciating the power of analytics.
    Teradata            Data managers and marketers are waking up to the power
                        and speed of in-database analysis - while also
                        beginning to better leverage their vast and growing
                        data assets to spot opportunities, resources and
                        trends they never knew existed. There are a thousand
                        ways to lower costs, reach more customers over more
                        channels and improve the retail value proposition. I
                        strongly believe retailing is about to experience a
                        golden age of enterprise analytics."

    Cabela's          "With the Teradata system and SAS, we are asking and
    World's Foremost  answering questions today about our business
    Outfitter         strategies such as retail expansion that we never
                      would have anticipated years ago, when we started on
                      this road," said Dean Wynkoop, head of Data
                      Management for Research and Analysis, Cabela's.
                      "We're able to give the business information about
                      where we should put stores, and how we can improve
                      retail performance. In this way, the Teradata system
                      and SAS analytical tools have helped the company to
                      be more responsive and agile."

Teradata at the National Retail Federation show in New York, January 10-12

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