SmartSign joins Texas Farm Bureau to Mark Properties for First Responders

911 Signs Improve Visibility for Texas Farmers

Nov 27, 2013, 10:01 ET from SmartSign

BROOKLYN, N.Y., Nov. 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- How do emergency vehicles find house numbers and driveways on giant properties like farms or orchards? While the solution is seemingly obvious, it's one that farmers frequently forget: signs. SmartSign has partnered with the Texas Farm Bureau to increase accessibility to 911 address signs, no trespassing signs, and emergency signs.

"Address signs are essential for locating an area during an emergency. City structure in urban areas allows emergency workers to quickly identify location. However, rural communities work differently; description often comes from surrounding geography and local monuments. That can mean disaster during urgent times," Alex Roitman, Outreach Manager at SmartSign said. "Emergency dispatchers are often confused by these directions or waste precious time mapping out where the trouble is. Address signs allow for quicker, more accurate responses from emergency services."

To help rural Texans better mark their properties for police, fire and medical personnel, SmartSign has joined the growing list of companies offering special discounts and services to Texas Farm Bureau (TFB) members.

Blair Brewster, CEO of Smart Sign, said, "911 address signs are universally understood. We're partnering with Texas Farm Bureau because no one should be injured or lose property due to confusion from first responders or an individual reporting an emergency. Texans have a strong history of looking after each other and we feel our company aligns with that perfectly."

The 911 signs are made from the same reflective materials as street signs so they're visible from up to a quarter mile away. They're printed in the standard font used by departments of transportation across the country, are highly visible and durable.

"We are pleased to provide our members easy access to all types of quality signage through the folks at SmartSign," Si Cook, Texas Farm Bureau director of organization, said. "The variety, pricing and delivery of the signage available is exceptional."

SmartSign is currently offering a 10% discount to members of the Texas Farm Bureau. If you know of a large property that could use an emergency sign, feel free to contact Gerson Cordero at or call (718)-797-1900 x 7601.

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