sMedio™ Delivers Windows 8 WiFi and NFC Enabled Syncing and Streaming as Part of Their New, Data Mobilization and Cloud Services Strategy.

New products the first in a series, as company maps compelling cloud vision for local / remote wireless data mobility and access solutions around the "multi-device, cloud integrated" connected home.

Oct 25, 2012, 14:20 ET from sMedio

SANTA CLARA, Calif. and TOKYO, Oct. 25 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- sMedio™, a leading developer and provider of wireless data management, mobility, and playback solutions, today announced the launch of the first products in a series of planned products, services and technologies around their new data mobilization and cloud services strategy. Together, sMedio's Personal Cloud Solutions will create a comprehensive, cross-platform cloud ecosystem for wireless data management, mobility and access both locally on the home network and remotely through the cloud.

New Windows 8 Anchored Data Access and Mobility Solutions
The new products for Windows 8 and Android ICS will be sMedio TrueLink+™ for wireless media transfer and streaming on a local network, and sMedio TrueSync™ for wireless or wired data mobility (sync, migrate) between Windows 8 and PCs running legacy Windows OSs. These products represent the core client-side platforms of a robust multi-device local network based ecosystem that is fully compatible with WiFi, DLNA, NFC and other industry standard connectivity modes.

"We are very excited to launch TrueLink+ and TrueSync, as the core foundation of our 'personal cloud' ecosystem," said sMedio VP product, George Tang. "According to our research, with the average consumer using at least three to as many as five computing devices regularly, the need has never been greater for easy - agnostic - device connectivity and seamless – ubiquitous - data management, mobility and anywhere access."

"Our strategy is simple," continued Tang," create a generally open and agnostic architecture that is ultra-compatible, and hyper-connective for a seamless data experience between all a user's personal devices and cloud services – Their "Personal Cloud". So, whether it is streaming their music library across devices on a home network, or updating contacts from a phone to a PC with an NFC touch, or accessing local network based data from anywhere anytime - outside the network, a user's data is easily accessible and manageable between all their devices, from anywhere."

Integrated Cloud Services Strategy
The company also mapped a strategy for extending its local network solutions with a series of integrated cloud services which will create a robust cloud service offering of both premium content services, as well as data management and access services, all integrated within sMedio client-side local network application architecture. The result will be a complete local network plus cloud integrated experience for all of a user's connected devices, data and cloud services.

"Our approach of integrating proprietary cloud services and popular 3rd party cloud services alongside (and within) our client software enables us to provide a breadth of best in class cloud solutions most applicable to the user and that are seamlessly accessible at the point of need within the user's personal cloud data experience", Tang stated.. "And we can offer this integrated client – cloud solution without the hurdles and blockage of today's walled garden solutions", he concluded."


sMedio TrueLink+™: Windows 8 native software application with the new user interface for Wi-Fi streaming of music, photos or videos between DLNA compatible PCs, TVs, tablets, Game systems and smartphones on a local network. These include such devices as Windows 8 and Windows 7 PCs, iPads, iPhones, Android smartphones, Sony PlayStation 3 and other compatible devices. The product also has the option for OEMs of adding NFC compatibility through a mobile client for "tap to stream" and "tap to transfer" of data between NFC enabled Windows 8 PCs and Android ICS smartphones.


  • Windows 8 PC bundles: Bundled with PCs from major manufacturers beginning late Fall 2012
  • Windows 8 app store: Available within the Windows 8 store beginning 10-26-2012 for $6.99 USD
  • Google Play Store: TrueLink also comes in an Android version and is available today under in the Google play store

sMedio TrueSync™: Windows 8 compatible software application that enables PCs to view, transfer, migrate or sync data between Windows 8, Windows 7 Windows Vista and Windows XP devices on either a wireless or wired network. The product works with documents or media, and includes 3 step wizards to prompt users through device setup and the actual mobilization. The product is ideal for keep ing a laptop or tablet in sync with a desktop computer, or doing data migration from your windows 7 PC to a new Windows 8 PC.


  • Windows 8 PC bundles: Availability on from major manufacturers PCs beginning late Fall 2012
  • sMedio website  Now available for $29.99

The company outlined the first in the cloud series of services to be integrated in the near term:

  • Aupeo! Personal Radio. sMedio has secured  exclusive license of Aupeo's music streaming service for Windows 8 native application distribution to PC OEMs and consumer channels. Availability in select sMedio applications will be Fall 2012.
  • Integrated Cloud storage. SMedio plans to offer cloud storage integrated within the user interface and workflow of its applications in early 2013. As users mobilize and stream content wirelessly across their home networks, they will also be able to choose cloud storage as a venue to move content into the cloud for archiving or access outside of the network.
  • sMedio proprietary remote cloud service.  sMedio plans to launch a cloud access subscription service for remote access to data from any internet browser, with or without cloud storage. The service will be available in early 2013 as both a standalone subscription and an integrated offering into sMedio applications.

About sMedio
With headquarters in Toyko, sMedio Inc is a leading, global developer and provider of wireless content mobility, streaming and playback solutions.  With its range of patented and patent pending technology, the Company's product lines include both consumer applications and enabling technologies sold to a range of top tier customers, including PC OEMS; mobile handset OEMs, carriers, CE OEMs and other services providers.  

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