India’s First Collective/Group Buying Portal for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)

Apr 09, 2012, 23:30 ET from SMB Unisol Private Limited

NEW DELHI, April 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Small medium enterprises (SME) are a large but untapped segment in the booming Indian eCommerce space. Adding a fresh twist to the popular group-buying concept,, a recently launched portal focuses on providing deals and discounts across a wide range of business and IT products and services relevant to small businesses. Capitalizing on the concept of collective buying, provides small and medium companies' access to discounted prizes and attractive deals that were earlier only available to larger companies.  The site also facilitates informed buying by SMEs through independent vendor reviews, vendor directory and expert advice.

Expanding the eCommerce Paradigm

One of the key USPs of is the expansive list of product & service categories that the site covers, most of which have never been sold online before.'s key product categories are computers, networking equipments, printers, software's, security devices, office and power equipment. The key service categories are equipment rental, information technology and web services, telecommunication, accounting, shipping and freight, printing and HR services.  Some upcoming categories are office furniture, warehousing services, and advertising and PR.  As a comprehensive solution to the various needs and requirements of SMEs, the business model of is positioned in a manner that benefits both the vendors as well as the buyers.

Introducing Request for Deal - RFDTM

Introducing the concept of 'Request for Deal', also provides an added bonus for members to state their requirements and receive customized deals on the same, and in-case of non-availability, similar requirements get bundled and members get discounted deals from the registered base of vendors.


More than just a group buying site - Financing, Discussion Forums & Networking for SMEs

With the aim to be one-stop platform for SMEs, provides its members with special privilege access to raising equity, working capital and term loans through its strategic partners in Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Chennai and USA. also has experts providing advice and information on diverse and common challenges/issues faced by SMEs. The site also has active discussion forums and blogs for small business owners to exchange information and ideas. will also be launching multiple networking initiatives (online and offline events) to support greater interaction among SMEs in the near future.

Founder Profile

The founder of, Priyankar Baid, is an engineer from IIT Roorkee and has done his MBA from ISB Hyderabad. A successful entrepreneur, with a finance and outsourcing venture, has extensive experience working with small and medium business helping them secure financing from domestic and foreign financial institutions. He also has substantial experience working with major Indian companies in retail, consumer goods and engineering goods sectors. With a well-established presence in various sectors including manufacturing, outsourcing, and distribution of office equipments and IT products of various leading brands, the business group of is  a conglomerate which has penetrations across multiple cities including Chennai, Mumbai, Kochi, Coimbatore, Kolkata and Nepal. The group has a multi-million dollar turnover with over 400 employees and is expanding at a rapid pace.

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