SMI October Ad Spend Report Shows Magazine Ad Revenue Grew 11% Calendar Year to Date

Standard Media Index (SMI) Ad Spend Report

U.S. Media Market Highlights

"The SMI pool's total market spend is +6% growth year over year in October 2013 and +7% in the Calendar Year to Date"

Nov 25, 2013, 15:43 ET from Standard Media Index


NEW YORK, Nov. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Introducing the Standard Media Index (SMI) Ad Spend Report
For the first time ever, there is a source for Actual Ad Spend Data. Not estimates, not conjecture... Actual Data. Want to know what channels are leading the way in the Cable TV Sector? SMI data can tell you. Interested in knowing if the decline in Automotive spend has hit ESPN? SMI has the answers. SMI pools aggregated Ad Spend data from agency groups including Vivaki, IPG Mediabrands, Aegis Media and Havas Media. SMI's proprietary methodology captures approximately 60 percent of total agency spend, offering timely, unparalleled visibility into global macro and micro market dynamics. 

CAVEAT: With approximately 60 percent of total agency spend, SMI data does not capture 100 percent of US Ad Spend. SMI data provides strong directional intelligence for measuring market trends, enabling clients to more quickly and accurately analyze their businesses and react to those changes.

SMI Market Highlights

  • Television ad spend for the CYTD was up +3% in the SMI pool, and grew +8% YOY for October 2013.  This still lagged behind Digital ad spend, at +18% CYTD growth.
  • In the SMI pool, Cable TV stole ad revenue share from Broadcast TV for Jan-Oct 2013 over last year in the following SMI product categories:
    • Automotive (+8.7% cable growth; -10.6% broadcast growth)
    • Non-Alcoholic Beverages (+8.6% cable growth, -22.5% broadcast growth)
    • Beauty, Grooming & Personal Care (+9.9% cable growth, -5% broadcast growth)
  • SMI Digital ad revenue share grew across a number of categories for the CYTD, and the comparative period showed a decline in Television.  It is important to note that TV Network digital properties also grew significantly across these same categories. was a particular highlight at +49% growth YOY in the Automotive category:



Fashion &






Toys &




Tourism &


Digital Growth







TV Growth







  • Newspaper ad spend showed +4% growth for CYTD, and the top 5 titles all posted positive growth for October over 2012.  The Wall Street Journal led SMI Newspaper ad spend with +21.9% share and +44% growth for the month.  It remained strong for CYTD YOY as well, with +37%.
  • Magazine ad spend grew +11% CYTD.  The top 10 titles, which hold nearly 30% share of the total Magazine market, all showed double-digit growth.

SMI Market Overview

Oct 2013

CYTD (Jan-Oct 2013)

Media Type














Cable TV





Broadcast TV





Spot TV










Local/MSO Cable




















Out of Home










Grand Total





SMI Television Market

Broadcast TV:

  • Broadcast television revenues grew +14% in October YOY and remained flat for the CYTD.  This growth was mainly due to strong freshman series on Broadcast networks. 
  • CBS retained the largest share for October at 23.4% of the total Broadcast Television market, and showed double-digit growth for October YOY (+13%).  CBS remained the share leader in the Financial Services and Pharmaceuticals categories.
  • NBC showed the highest October YOY growth with a +21% increase in revenues, thanks in part to its new hit drama, "The Blacklist." 
  • Fox showed +17% October YOY growth, while ABC came in with +7% for the month.

Cable TV:

  • Cable television posted +4% growth in October and +6% growth in the CYTD. 
  • ESPN continues to lead the SMI Cable market as the #1 ranked network for the CYTD despite showing -17% decline for October.  This was driven by a -36% decline in Automotive spend for the month over 2012.
  • AMC again showed tremendous growth with a +71% increase over October 2012, mainly due to the Season 4 premiere of "The Walking Dead." 
  • Additional cable networks posting high YOY growth for October 2013 include Bravo (+31%), A&E Network (+28%), and USA (+27%).

SMI Digital Market

  • SMI's Digital market showed double-digit growth yet again at +16% October YOY. 
  • SMI clarified the industry speculation that mobile and video growth were fueling the total digital market growth, at +75% and +42% respectively. 
  • Google remains in the #1 spot with a 17.3% share of CYTD spend, followed by Yahoo! (5.3%) and AOL (3.3%).

SMI Newspaper Market

  • Despite a minor drop in ad revenue for CYTD, The New York Times posted +45% growth in October over last year in the SMI pool.
  • USA Today showed the most impressive growth in the SMI pool for newspapers, with +95% for October, and +49% CYTD over 2012.

SMI Magazine Market

  • People Magazine remained the share leader among SMI Magazine vendors, with 8.1% of the total Magazine market.  It also posted +16% CYTD YOY growth.
  • ESPN Magazine showed the highest CYTD growth of the top 20 SMI titles with +48%.

SMI Radio Market

  • The SMI Radio market posted +3% CYTD growth despite a -10% October YOY decline. 
  • Clear Channel Media and Entertainment remained the share leader among SMI Radio vendors, with 29.7% of the total Radio market.  The second place share holder was CBS Radio, Inc, with 10.7%.  Clear Channel showed +7% CYTD YOY growth. 

About SMI's Ad Spend Data

SMI's data enables Media Owners to track their growth and share against a sizable aggregated benchmark. SMI's proprietary methodology captures approximately 60 percent of total agency spend, offering timely, unparalleled visibility of global macro and micro market dynamics. SMI data is aggregated spend from agency groups including Vivaki, IPG Mediabrands, Aegis Media and Havas Media. 

The SMI data access enables better and faster analytics to feed strategy, negotiations and fuel growth.

SMI Terms Of Use

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  • Use proper sourcing  "Source: SMI Dataminer October 2013 (November 2013 Cube)"

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Data Source: SMI Dataminer – October 2013 (November Cube)

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