Smile Makeover Experts, Dr. Hakimzadeh and Dr. Reyhani, Featured in Cosmo and Angeleno Magazines

Health and beauty articles outline the West Hills Smile approach to oral health, including their anti-aging dentistry and luxury concierge-style services.

Aug 27, 2013, 18:34 ET from West Hills Smiles

WEST HILLS, Calif., Aug. 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The dentists operating out of West Hills Smiles, a top-notch office specializing in concierge dentistry, are spreading the word about their signature approach to their craft. With two spreads in popular magazines out this month, Ben Reyhani, DDS and Pasha Hakimzadeh, DDS share their feelings on a broad range of topics, from anti-aging tips to restorative dentistry techniques. The full-page layouts also help establish the smile makeover experts as authorities in the field of cosmetic dentistry for style-minded patients.

The first one was published in the September issue of the style bible for many women, Cosmopolitan. Behind the cover graced by Nina Dobrev lies a page on "the Smile of Your Dreams" featuring the beaming faces of Dr. Ben and Dr. Pasha. Here, the pair answers common questions that they've most likely heard from many patients:

  • "How can I get whiter teeth?"
  • "Is it easy to straighten teeth?"
  • "What can I do if I have larger gaps and unevenly crooked teeth?"

The West Hills Smiles resident dentists then explain their smile makeover treatment methods for each of these questions. Whiter teeth, up to 4 shades, can be achieved through "a simple in-office power whitening" followed up with home care, most likely through take-home trays or standard good dental habits. For straighter teeth, the doctors promote their clear braces treatment, which is less invasive than metal brackets and can even be removed for important events. Finally, they describe their complete dental makeover plan in response to the last question, performed by strategic and effective use of porcelain veneers.

The second ad targets a more local niche. Featured in the August issue of Angeleno, the Los Angeles-based title from Modern Luxury, an interview with Dr. Pasha proffers "solutions for an aging face." The spread highlights the dental issues that come with age and their often unattractive impact of maturing a patient's appearance. Changes in smiles as we age, including shorter teeth, altered bite, and loss of tautness of the skin around our mouths, are offered minimally-invasive solutions by Dr. Pasha. Through an approach that differs for each patient and respects their individuality, a West Hills Smiles patient can take years off of his or her appearance. This most commonly means utilizing a combination of veneers, gum reshaping, tooth whitening, replacing metal amalgam fillings with tooth-colored materials, and other cosmetic dental treatments.

To experience dentistry fresh out of the pages of your favorite luxury or fashion magazine, contact the West Hills Smiles team to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ben or Dr. Pasha at your earliest convenience. The doctors always prioritize the comfort of their patients, both in office and through their treatments, prioritizing conservative and preventative methods ahead of invasive surgical means with every single patient. Call West Hills Smiles today at 747-800-4108 or go to to learn more!

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