Smile of a Child's Kid-Friendly TV Winning Praise From Parents

Mar 11, 2014, 07:30 ET from Trinity Broadcasting Network

LOS ANGELES, March 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- There's a kid-friendly television network that's getting rave reviews across the earth. It's the 24-hour Smile of a Child network, and parents on nearly every continent are stepping up to endorse its entertaining, educational, inspirational - and totally safe - programming for children ages two to twelve.

Launched on Christmas Eve 2005 by the Trinity Broadcasting Network, the world's largest faith-and-family broadcaster, Smile of a Child offers an exciting alternative to the questionable cartoons and in-our-face shows that many networks serve up for kids. "There's so much on TV today that parents aren't comfortable having their kids watch," said Brenda Rossman, SMILE's program director. "That's why TBN launched Smile of a Child, to provide kids with a TV viewing environment that is completely free of the violence and crude humor that unfortunately has crept into many of today's children's shows."

Rossman said that each day her office receives letters and e-mails from moms and dads who are grateful for a channel they can trust for their kids. "Many say it's the first time they haven't had to keep one eye on the TV and one hand on the remote for fear of what might pop up on the screen while their kids are watching," she said.

That's because every show on Smile of a Child is chosen not just to entertain, educate, and inspire young viewers, but to re-enforce values that parents want their kids to embrace - like faith in God, morality, honesty, kindness, and compassion. From cartoons like VeggieTales, 3-2-1 Penguins, and Auto B Good, to animated Bible stories, puppet programs, arts-and-craft, music, family-friendly movies, and more, Smile of a Child provides a safe and welcoming viewing space that keeps kids coming back - and grownups feeling good about what their little ones are watching.

"My children love your programming!" wrote one mom recently. "Thank you so much for the wonderful, educational, and fun programs. They are learning so much, and they tell everyone about Smile of a Child TV."

A parent from Jamaica wrote to say that "we love to watch Auto B Good, Davey & Goliath, and all of the Kids Club programs. Thank you Smile of a Child for these wonderful shows!"

And a dad wrote to say his whole family loves the programming on Smile of a Child. "We really like Veggie Tales, 3-2-1 Penguins, and The Storykeepers," he wrote. "Thank you for the wholesome entertainment!"

But it's not just parents who've taken notice. The Parents Television Council, a nationwide TV watchdog group, has taken a good look at the programming offered by Smile of a Child and presented the network with its coveted PTC Seal of Approval, given to networks that emphasize positive values and steer clear of the objectionable content that can hurt kids. In fact, Smile of a Child is the only children's network that has won this important honor.

"We're proud to stand behind the programming that kids all over the world enjoy everyday on Smile of a Child," said Matthew Crouch, Vice President of the Trinity Broadcasting Network. "SMILE is one member of our global Family of Networks, all of which are committed to producing and airing programming that entertains, inspires, and positively impacts families and communities."

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