Smokeless Tobacco Continues Upward Recovery - In-Depth Research Featuring Reynolds American and Star Scientific, Inc.

Mar 10, 2011, 08:44 ET from World Street Fundamentals

HONG KONG, March 10 /PRNewswire/ - Today, released its industry report highlighting Reynolds American, Inc. (NYSE: RAI) and Star Scientific, Inc. (NASDAQ: CIGX). Industry analysts have reported that the smokeless tobacco market has been expanding at a rate of approximately 2-3% per year since 2003, while the cigarette market has been contracting over the same period. Investors from around the world are invited to view fundamental and technical analysis at  

Traditionally, tobacco products have been divided between smoked products (cigarettes, cigars, roll-your-own tobacco and pipe tobacco) and smokeless tobacco (moist snuff, chewing tobacco and dry snuff). Recently, there has been increased competition between the smoked and smokeless tobacco markets as companies have begun to market smokeless tobacco as an alternative to cigarettes in situations where adult tobacco users cannot or choose not to smoke. Changing consumer mindsets, government regulation and taxation will continue to be an ever-present influence on tobacco sales, resulting in widespread shifts within the marketplace. 

World Street Fundamentals has highlighted Reynolds American for its two business segments: RJR Tobacco and Conwood. RJR Tobacco's cigarette brands include CAMEL, PALL MALL, WINSTON, KOOL, DORAL, SALEM, MISTY and CAPRI. Conwood's primary products include its moist snuff brands, GRIZZLY and KODIAK. The company sells its products primarily through distributors, wholesalers and other direct customers, some of which are retail chains. To read the report on Reynolds American, Inc. (NYSE: RAI), click here:

World Street has recognized Star Scientific, Inc. for its proprietary technology for producing low-TSNA tobacco which is utilized in its dissolvable smokeless products: ARIVA and STONEWALL Hard Snuff. The company maintains a long-term focus on the research, development, manufacturing and licensing of technology that can lessen reliance on and the impact of the use of all forms of tobacco and reduce the range of serious health hazards associated with the use of smoked and smokeless tobacco. To read the report on Star Scientific, Inc. (NASDAQ: CIGX), click here:

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