Smokers Utopia Electronic Cigarette Review Announces Review of South Beach Smoke

Smokers Utopia, a brutal review site, announces their take on South Beach Smoke

Sep 25, 2012, 06:18 ET from Smokers Utopia

WAVERLY, Tenn., Sept. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The electronic cigarette review site that is making waves across the Internet with reviews that are not as sugar coated as other sites has announced a new review on one of the web's most popular electronic cigarettes.

Although the company may not agree with the review, the site cuts to the chase and quickly points out some of the hype, exposing facts based on pricing more than anything else. However, nothing seems to be off limits with Smokers Utopia.

With a top 10 lineup that doesn't mix with the mainstream reviews, it is instantly easy to see that this website takes its reviews and integrity seriously.

Little known brands make the top of the list while more popular e cigarettes become less buoyant and sink to the lower parts of the homepage. One example of this is the popular e cigarette lineup of GreenSmoke who barely made the top 10 on the site.

The no 1 spot is held by a little known company, but claims they have the best deals on e cigarettes. This isn't because the product is any better, but rather truth in advertising, better prices, and superior service to their customers.

"We just think people need to hear the truth and you will get the truth and facts with our South Beach Smoke review just as you will on any other brand we go over with a fine tooth comb," states Teresa Peach of Smokers Utopia. "Smokers are already having a rough time and need to know they can spend their money on a product and be backed by a great company with great service, not pay too much for fancy advertising gimmicks."

The website even has a page to explain how they rate and review so that everyone has a clear understanding of why the reviewed products and companies received the ratings they attained on the site, giving consumers a place they can trust for real and professional analysis of the products they intend to purchase.

Smokers Utopia is an e cigarette review website dedicated to providing customers with the reviews that they need to make a solid purchasing decision. Visit their website at

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