SmokeTastic is Taking the Electronic Cigarette Market On!

SmokeTastic provides the most honest electronic cigarette reviews online, some companies are taking big notice of this site, as their brutal, honest reviews are having a big impact on the market

Nov 09, 2012, 06:18 ET from SmokeTastic

MIAMI, Nov. 09, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- SmokeTastic is starting to make a huge impact with their electronic cigarette review site, it is the only site which tests the products and records videos so you can see them in action. Their honest approach is seeing a mass influx of visitors and positive feedback from the professionals, even the electronic cigarette companies themselves are using the site to help improve their products and relationships.

"It has been a difficult year, testing all these products is endless, as soon as you think you have finished, another brand is released, or there's an upgrade," says Nicholas King, the site owner and reviewer, "We are known for our honest and down to earth reviews, the rankings are based on vapor quantity and flavor quality, nothing will deter us from providing honest reviews, and until we are the number 1 recognized electronic cigarette review site, we will continue in this manner."

The site shows the top 10 brands of electronic cigarette kits available online, although there have been many other kits tested, that did not meet the criteria of the site, we asked Nicholas King if he plans to name and shame the bad brands. "It is not our intention to name and shame the bad e-cigarette brands, we simply want to provide a resource for our readers to get a better understanding of electronic cigarettes, and the best brands available to them. We do not want to out anyone out of business, we serve our readers and deliver what they want to read."

With this honest and professional attitude SmokeTastic is fast becoming the consumer's choice of electronic cigarette reviews, and they are determined to become the best. As soon as a new model is released, SmokeTastic orders their starter kit and start the analysis which usually takes a week to complete, then they complete their review which includes a video to show the consumer what exactly they get in the kit and how much vapor it produces. If you would like to learn more about SmokeTastic and read their e-cigarette reviews, you can visit their site.

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