SnapDash Makes Having 'Bees in Your Pants' Pretty Funny

New Photo-Sharing App Brings Spontaneity to Taking Photos with Friends

Apr 05, 2013, 10:34 ET from SnapDash

WASHINGTON, April 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- SnapDash is a new photo-sharing platform for iOS that randomly serves up hundreds of categorized, unique scenarios and poses coined "Snaptions" for users to act out against a timer. Clearly having "bees in your pants" or being "naked in public" is only funny if you're pretending, but it's hilarious when acted out, captured in a photo, and shared with friends.

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Unlike other photo-sharing apps that enable users to caption pictures after the fact, SnapDash differentiates itself by providing the context of the picture before the photo is taken. Subsequently, the context (Snaption) is imprinted on the frame as the photo is shared on the internal feed, or to Facebook and Twitter. (SnapDashes)

The origin of the idea stems from a night at a bar in Dewey Beach, Delaware last summer.  SnapDash's co-founders, Daniel Hanks and Meredith Balenske, were taking pictures of friends, when Daniel started shouting suggestions like, "You're turning into a werewolf" and, "There's a shark in the water!" Outsiders watched, played along, and the photos went viral on Facebook.

"SnapDash allows users to act wacky and stray from perfectly poised photos that are associated with social media. People have been urged to 'do something funny' forever. We're just making it easier," said Daniel. "Plus, a nice side effect is the social contagiousness it creates at bars and parties."

The SnapDash experience is straightforward:  once the photographer chooses a category and taps the shutter button it reveals a Snaption, players must react and pose in seconds before a photo is automatically taken. If desired, Aviary editing tools and filters may be applied.

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"SnapDash is a replacement for the age-old 'Say Cheese' or counting to three when taking a photo," said Meredith. "It's hysterical to watch how different people react to the same Snaption."

Early feedback is positive; SnapDash was recently described as "Improv meets Instagram," and will be at NY Tech Day on April 25. SnapDash is focused on growing its customer base, but future plans include working with brands looking for a new fun way to engage their customers.

SnapDash is free for iPhone in the App Store and will be on Android in April 2013.

Find SnapDash on Facebook and Twitter @SnapDashApp.

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