Social Capital is Firstly Introduced and Fully Applied to Promote International Cooperation in China K12 Education

The First China Education Innovation Expo Concluded Successfully

Dec 10, 2015, 10:00 ET from Shenzhen Innovation Corporate Social Responsibility Development Center

BEIJING, Dec. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The First China Education Innovation Expo (CEIE) concluded successfully in Beijing Normal University on December 7, 2015. The CEIE was jointly organized by Beijing Normal University, China Education Innovation Institute (CEII), Shenzhen Innovation Corporate Social Responsibility Development Center (CSRDC), and the National Assessment of Education Quality and Collaborative Innovation Center. It was co-organized by 15 provincial educational agencies from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong, etc. Ivy Elite Education Association (IEEA) also participated in CEIE as a co-organizer. 16 theme exhibition areas in the CEIE displayed over 360 innovation achievements in China and abroad to all walks of life. Four road shows presenting educational programs, 18 co-current forums and 34 thematic workshops were held during the three-day exposition. There were over 11,000 participants, including 800 principals and 300 educational enterprises. This CEIE was hailed as "The Annual Treasure Hunt in China Education Innovation Programs in 2015" and "A Milestone in the Promotion of China Education Innovation by Social Capital."

The Annual Treasure Hunt in China Education Innovation Program, 2015 

CEIE aims to attract attention and financial support from society by gathering and integrating excellent educational programs from China and around the world through public and private capital.    

"By discovering, incubating, and promoting excellent education innovation achievements, the CEIE will encourage social investment capital to ensure wide-ranging benefits for schools, teachers, students and parents. The country will benefit from systematically utilizing and practicing education innovation, transformation, and fundamentally promoting educational equity," remarked Yudong Liang, representative of the organizer, director of CSRDC, and co-founder of China Internet Education Industry FOF.  

The CEIE concentrated on curriculum, teaching instruction, assessment and system transformation that directly influenced education quality and development, as China education reform has already entered an in-depth phase. Through detailed collection and selection and preparatory work, 361 educational programs were displayed in 16 different exhibition areas. The CEIE is founded on the idea that many educational programs follow basic education rules, provide innovative methods to address educational and teaching problems, and can be duplicated and widely applied. One of the most unique and widely applauded programs was showcased in the Ivy Elite Apple Booth. Collaborating with Apple Regional Training Center (Apple RTC), IEEA presented and introduced American K12 curriculum programs, teacher's training, teacher and student assessment, and school management, etc. with new technology worthy for the new generation of Chinese education.

Social Capital Opens the Door for International Cooperation of China K12 Education

The CEIE received philanthropic donation pledges of over 100 million RMB for China Western rural education and launched a 5 billion RMB investment project in China Internet Education Industry FOF, and received additional commitments for over 2 billion RMB for other education technology programs.

Mr. Chen Guangju, representative of organizer, and vice president of Beijing Normal University, stated that the most impressive feature of CEIE was the focus on discovery and incubation of education innovation programs, including excellent international demonstration programs welcomed by public and private capital. The CEIE established a new system of introducing and applying public and private capital to education programs and promotion of education innovation development, building a cross-border cooperation platform among enterprises, philanthropic foundations, schools, government, and educational NGO organizations. The CEIE helps to create education innovation in China and promotes diversified cooperation between China and international educational organizations.

Emily Hu, director of the America Selection Committee for the CEIE, Chief Representative of IEEA China, and winner of the highest honor award conferred by the CEIE committee, remarked, "Through close cooperation with Apple RTC, introduction of new technology America education programs, and professional educational organizations attending the CEIE, an international stage for partnership has been built between China and America. The CEIE not only provides American education programs and organizations better opportunities to cooperate with China education schools, institutes, and agencies, but also helps to carry out effective, honest, and efficient cooperation within China, the world largest education organization, possessing nearly 200 million K-12 students and 16 million teachers. It will continue to draw increasing funds from public and private capital for China's education innovation programs, and will also help China education get a better understanding of the American application of new curriculum and future learning concepts. It will eventually promote more successful cooperation and exchange on K-12 education between China and America."

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