SocialGO Announces U.S. Distribution Relationship With Encore, Inc.

Profit-Building Social Media Software Hits Shelves in Apple Stores, Fry's Electronics

Oct 13, 2010, 09:00 ET from SocialGO

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- SocialGO ( announced today a distribution relationship with Encore, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Navarre Corporation, to distribute a boxed version of SocialGO's feature-rich social network building software through major U.S. retail outlets, including Apple Stores and Fry's.  SocialGO provides a next generation, highly affordable service that enables individuals, businesses and organizations to quickly create, manage and monetize online social networks.  

"The support of Encore reflects SocialGO's continued expansion and acceptance among consumer and business technology industry leaders," said Dominic Wheatley, CEO, SocialGO. "Availability at high-profile retailers such as Fry's and Apple Stores is expected to considerably raise the visibility of SocialGO."

Priced at $39 for the boxed software (which includes a built-in subscription) and $25/month for the online software, SocialGO has proven to be an affordable, profitable and innovative professional tool for thousands of individuals and businesses, large and small, eager to expand social media influence and maximize revenue. SocialGO is a powerful means of engagement for communities of all sizes and continues to maintain a growing presence within the rapidly expanding world of social networking.

"Encore is excited to announce this strategic relationship with SocialGO as it represents a natural expansion of our growing portfolio of creative technology solutions," said Cal Morrell, President, Encore. "As technology continues to play an even larger role in consumers' lives, products like SocialGO that offer an interactive way to manage the online experience in a secure environment will be well positioned for success."

This distribution relationship marks the latest in SocialGO's rapid expansion, which includes recent partnerships with Network Solutions, PC World (UK retailer), and other retailers – and alignment with powerful brands such as Apple. SocialGO – whose software is leveraged by companies such as Levi's, BBC, Random House and Big Lottery – has responded to steadily increasing demand by offering multiple distribution channels, enabling customers to deploy the service according to their preference.

"SocialGO offers the scalability and flexibility demanded by enterprise-level users, while its pricing and ease-of-use also make it ideal for smaller businesses and entrepreneurs," said Wheatley. "This relationship will bring SocialGO to a much greater market of users, powering a wider range of communities to reap the limitless benefits of social media."

SocialGO features and benefits include:

  • All standard social media features including member profiles, forums, activity feeds, RSS feeds, messaging, photo/video sharing, plus added features such as video chat
  • Total ownership of data/content and complete network control
  • Complete customizability, including the ability to tailor every aspect of your site from design to user access
  • The ability to 100 percent white-label your site to your brand, completely erasing all evidence of SocialGO and creating a custom-designed appearance
  • The ability to monetize your site through sales transactions, subscription fees/dues, advertising and sponsorship, trade fees and donations
  • The ability to customize access according to "free" and "premium" memberships, enabling you to charge for certain features and content
  • Do-it-yourself functionality that replaces the need for expensive software and designer fees makes creating/managing your site as easy as purchasing an airline ticket

About SocialGO

Founded in 2007, SocialGO provides a complete social networking platform enabling businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs to reap the benefits of social media. SocialGO's founders created an offering tailored to the needs of businesses and organizations for the monetization, ownership, control and customization of content and membership. SocialGO has headquarters in the UK and Santa Barbara, Calif. to meet the demands of its global customer base. For more information, please visit or SocialGO's corporate site

About Encore

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Encore, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Navarre Corporation and a leading retail software publisher.  As a result of strategic acquisitions and licensing agreements, the company publishes a broad range of award-winning utility, entertainment, education and productivity software titles. Publishing brands include HOYLE®, Punch! Software®, Fun & Skills®, Advantage™, and Wheel of Fortune®; as well as the Broderbund® family of brands including The Print Shop® and Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing®.  For information on Broderbund products, please visit  For information about Encore, Inc., please visit