Socratic Technologies Launches 21st Consecutive Year Tracking The Effectiveness Of Super Bowl Ads

Socratic's two-phase approach using The Bruzzone Model™ delivers the industry's most valid, sensitive commercial diagnostics

Jan 30, 2014, 16:00 ET from Socratic Technologies, Inc.

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Marketing research leader Socratic Technologies, Inc. launches the 21st consecutive year tracking effectiveness of Super Bowl ads using the renowned Bruzzone Model™ to measure not just whether an ad is appealing, but why. The thorough two-phase approach distinguishes itself as the industry's most complete testing of Super Bowl ads because it analyzes whether consumers remember ads, not just what they think of them on first viewing.


With exclusive access to the Bruzzone Research database of thousands of ad tests and 52 different diagnostic measures, Socratic analyzes multiple dimensions of entertainment value, empathy, relevance and overall impact, including an increased awareness and increased interest in buying.

"Our process includes doing a series of deep analytical dives into each commercial to deliver a level of insight that goes beyond simple thumbs-up/thumbs-down results," said Michael Gray, President of Socratic Technologies, Inc.

The service is available by reservation to any advertiser and includes custom recaps for product categories and specific formats.

In Phase 1, the Socratic Perceptometer(SM) tracks the moment-to-moment effect of Super Bowl video ads. The flash-based Perceptometer's online capability eliminates the need for traditional audience meters in a central location. It captures large national samples of viewers' spontaneous reaction to ads by testing aided and unaided recall of key message points and/or imagery.

Phase 2 takes place a full four days after the Super Bowl airs. With the commercials masked, subjects' recognition and emotional reactions are measured using The Bruzzone Model, which determines whether ads have passed the critical tests of memorability. Digital documentation is amassed from all answers given by every respondent, based on more than 1,000 Super Bowl commercials. Key findings include why an ad does or does not change opinions.

Socratic's Super Bowl ad tracking reveals the industry's most accurate research into what works—and what doesn't—on the biggest single-day television ad investment in the U.S.

Email to request a quotation and detailed information about services. Results will be available mid-February 2014.

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