Softlib Announces iMatch - Revolutionary Automated Solution Identification Software

iMatch Automatically Offers Solutions to Repeat Issues - for Both End User Self Help as Well as Experts

Oct 18, 2010, 12:00 ET from Softlib Ltd

TEL AVIV, Israel, October 18, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Softlib Software., a leading provider of Intelligent Enterprise Search & Knowledge Management solutions with specific focus on Technical and Scientific knowledge for IT, technical support centers and helpdesk teams, today announced the general availability of its latest innovation - iMatch.

iMatch automates the response to repeat issues in Help Desk, Support, Call Centers and IT environments, delivering either Self Help to end users or automatically offering solutions to experts. Research indicates that approximately 80% of the issues reported to the support/service/helpdesk staff are repetitive. Identifying solutions to repeat issues is a challenge as issues and Solutions are based on a person's vocabulary - so different technical experts will likely describe the same problem in different words. This makes it highly unlikely that the second expert to handle the issue will find the first issue and leverage the knowledge gathered.

iMatch is an innovative software solution with built in dictionaries and analytical algorithms that takes the description of a new technical issue and can identify other similar "stories"/issues that were resolved in the past, even if they were described in different words. Once a new issue is reported, for example through email or by filling out a Web form, iMatch will scan the relevant databases and knowledge bases and automatically suggest the top matching similar issues/solutions. iMatch seamlessly integrates into any CRM, Service Desk or Bug Tracking application in order to match the issues documented and resolved in the past. This way iMatch extends existing knowledge bases/repositories by linking into the information in them in its solution matching - no data duplication needed & no manual labor required to create FAQ lists.

    iMatch innovation delivers the following key benefits:

    - Deliver effective Self Help to end users and experts without any manual
    - Minimize downtime by accelerating issue resolution
    - Save experts time
    - Resolve issues once - avoid repeat handling of same issues
    - Resolve issues without involving many experts
    - Avoid manual labor on building FAQs or Solution categories
    - Shorten training time for new personnel & reduce the impact of turnover
    - Leverage existing knowledge bases / repositories without data

"Automatically identifying solutions to repeat issues, regardless of choice of words, or vocabulary, or language is a breakthrough and innovation that can significantly boost Self Help capabilities of organizations, increase expert effectiveness and reduce escalations & rework.", said John Ragsdale, VP Technology at TSIA

"We are very proud to bring the future into Self Help and Service Centers and deliver innovation in a technically challenging domain. iMatch breakthrough technology is the next wave of automation, eliminating repeat issues & rework and saving experts valuable time " said Boaz Grinvald, CEO of Softlib Software.

About Softlib Softlib is a leading provider of Solution Identification software, enabling our customers to reduce costs substantially while improving service to end users. We bring innovative solutions to the marketplace that revolutionizes the way Helpdesk/technical support/IT-service is delivered. Softlib products are used by thousands of users worldwide. Among our customers are financial institutions, telecom companies, technology vendors and government agencies. SoftLib has offices in the USA & EMEA.

For more information, please visit or contact: Rotem Ackerman,, +972-3-5615190

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