Sogeti trend lab VINT launches its 4th Big Data Report

All four reports from technology consulting company Sogeti are now available for download as global trend lab VINT takes Big Data from hype to practice, explaining the impressive potential of Big Data for business.

Oct 29, 2013, 12:07 ET from Sogeti USA

DAYTON, Ohio, Oct. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- VINT, Sogeti's global trend lab for the analysis of new technology, today launched its last report in the Big Data four-part research program. The fourth report, "Your Big Data Potential: The art of the possible" addresses the practical implementation of Big Data. It offers ten questions and answers and a checklist to help organizations benefit from huge amounts of data. The report also displays the organizational and technical competences needed.


Ten Questions and Answers to Leverage Data
To become a data-driven organization some requirements must be met: business transformation, technical improvements, and the deployment of new technologies. This new Big Data report provides ten questions and answers to help organizations leverage data to increase growth, profitability, and shareholder value. The questions are listed below:

  1. Why Big Data Intelligence?
  2. What new insights can I expect?
  3. How will these insights help me?
  4. What skills do I need?
  5. How do Big Data pioneers organize data management and IT processes?
  6. How can I merge structured and unstructured data?
  7. Which new technologies should I be watching?
  8. What is looming on the horizon?
  9. What does this mean in organizational terms?
  10. How does this affect everyday life?

VINT provides the answers to these questions and also makes some recommendations.

"Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to Big Data. Our ten questions and answers plus the checklist provide insight into the basic requirements to tap Big Data potential. Even relatively data-poor organizations manage to use their Big Data potential. One example is a company that integrated a portable computer in their sportswear and shoes," said Menno van Doorn, director of VINT.

Big Data Program
The fourth and last VINT report is part of a four-part research program on Big Data and was co-authored by Jaap Bloem, Menno van Doorn, Sander Duivestein, Thomas van Manen, Erik van Ommeren, and Sandeep Sachdeva. The Big Data report, "Your Big Data Potential: The art of the possible" can be downloaded for free online:

VINT has published the series of four research reports in order to place experience and visions in perspective and create clarity about the use of Big Data. The reports are independently compiled and contain concrete examples.

A brief description of the four reports:

Report 1 – Creating Clarity with Big Data
This report (June 2012) defines Big Data and explains how it differs from other data classifications. It also elaborates on the possibilities of Big Data.
Report 2 – Big Social
The second report (November 2012) answers the question how organizations can predict people's behavior with Big Data and social analytics.
Report 3 – Big Data & Privacy
The third report (March 2013) offers organizations guidance on the ground rules for privacy when using Big Data.
Report 4 – Your Big Data Potential: The art of the possible
The fourth and last report (now available) focuses on the practical applications of Big Data.

The VINT research blog contains daily reports on Big Data trends and developments.

All Sogeti reports and publications can be found at:

New Research Series
In 2012 VINT launched its first Big Data report. Now that this series of four reports has come to an end, the Sogeti trend lab announces the start of a new four-part research program called "Things" focusing on the "Internet of Things," or the trend of connecting all kinds of devices to the Internet, which will lead to an explosion in the growth of data.


Nicole Scrivner, Marketing & PR Manager, Sogeti USA

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