Sogou Filed 8 Patent Lawsuits and Raised a Claim of RMB 80 Million

Oct 27, 2015, 04:42 ET from Sogou Inc.

BEIJING, Oct. 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently Sogou Inc. filed 8 lawsuits in Beijing's Intellectual Property Rights Court, claiming that the Baidu Input Method was suspected of violating multiple key patents of Sogou Input Method, and raising a claim of RMB 80 Million. The number of patents violated and claim raised set a new record in patent litigations in China's internet industry in recent years. Beijing Intellectual Property Rights Court has accepted the case.

The document submitted by Sogou pointed out that the patents suspected of being violated by Baidu not only involved key functions such as super word library, intelligent wording and cloud input, but covered peripheral services which have important effects on user input behaviors such as intelligent deletion and available choices. The 8 patents listed play a vital role in redefining today's Chinese input method products.

As the most successful Chinese input method producers on the market, Sogou has brought Chinese input method to the Internet era by applying online technologies since its founding in 2006. It made a qualitative leap forward in improving input and expression efficiency of Chinese netizens. Through 9 years of technical innovations, it has been granted over 200 technical patents regarding input methods.

It's not the first time that intellectual property rights of Sogou Input Method have been violated by other companies. Sogou is attaching unprecedented importance to its independent intellectual property rights and will defend its legal rights and interests against suspected violations according to laws.

Company profile:

Sogou Inc. is an Internet company which is second only to Tencent in the number of users in China, having multiple internet products such as Sogou Input Method, Sogou Search and Sogou Browser. Sogou Input Method has over 500 million users in China and is called the "National Input Method." Its pioneering functions like Internet library have brought Chinese input methods to the Internet era, significantly improving input and expression efficiency of Chinese netizens.

SOURCE Sogou Inc.