Solar Industry Needs to Clean Up Its Act, Industry Executive Warns

Soluxe Solar declares itself the "Anti-Lease" Solar Company

Aug 28, 2012, 08:57 ET from Soluxe Solar

DARIEN, Conn., Aug. 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The solar industry will be "like a falling star" if it doesn't clean up its act, warns Jeffrey Mayer, CEO of Soluxe Solar, a Connecticut-based solar installation company.

"As solar energy has become affordable, a new breed of aggressive salespeople is threatening to turn homeowners off at the very time they should be getting excited about how affordable solar has become," says Mayer.

Mayer's company, Soluxe Solar, recently published a "Customer Bill of Rights" and called on its competitors to adhere to its principles.

Among the rights:  A right to be told the truth about potential savings on their electric bill. 

Mayer cites competitors' websites that falsely claim that utility electric electricity prices are going up at a rate of 5 to 7% per year.  "The fact is that electricity prices have dropped sharply from 2008, but if you assume that utility prices are going to the moon you make the potential savings from solar look fabulous," he says.

"Solar is still a phenomenal investment," he says, "but it doesn't justify misleading the public with false information."

Mayer thinks the reason some solar suppliers are talking about high utility prices is to make their product look better.

"If you lease your solar system with a 4% escalator every year, you could end up spending more money on solar if utility prices don't rise at a faster rate," he says.  "Obviously, sales people would prefer if customers don't see that."

According to Mayer, customers who lease their systems could spend more money on solar then they would pay their local utility if they decide to lease their solar panels instead of buying them.

"Not only can savings disappear if the solar contract price goes up faster than the utility price but the value of the home will decrease," he said.  "After all, why would somebody want to pay up for a home which is costing them more than another home without solar?"

Some reports show that in 2011 over 70% of new home solar installations were leased.  According to Mayer, Soluxe Solar encourages home ownership over leasing.

Mayer acknowledged that with homeownership the resident is responsible for maintenance, unlike the lease model.  But he said the concern about maintenance was "overblown" since solar panels "have no moving parts."

"I'd rather own a system with minimal maintenance and enjoy the full benefits of ownership than take the risk of paying higher electricity costs or penalties if I decide to move in a few years," Mayer said.

"Besides," Mayer added, "why should the leasing companies get all the benefits of federal and state tax incentives and renewable energy rebates and credits?"  

To view the entire "Customer Bill of Rights" people can visit on the company's website at

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