Solavei Launches Mobile Service In Puerto Rico, Offering First Mobile Plan That Pays Its Customers

Solavei To Talk to Puerto Rican Residents on Saturday, October 20 at the Puerto Rico Convention Center, on a Unique and Economical Mobile Alternative, Addressing the Most Important Consumer Issues regarding the Confusion and High Costs of Phone Bills

Oct 18, 2012, 17:31 ET from Solavei

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, Oct. 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Solavei™, a social network ranked first in its category as well as a commercial platform, will be presenting its unlimited 4G national voice, text and data mobile phone service plan for residents of Puerto Rico.  On Saturday, October 20, at the Puerto Rican Convention Center, Solavei will explain to more than 2,000 attendees the potential it is offering consumers to earn financial benefits through its economical, contract-free service that pays people to bring in new customers. This business model leverages the one billion dollars that big phone companies spend on advertising to benefit people, who are actually the best vehicle for advertising.


Solavei offers an initial fixed rate of $49 for an unlimited mobile phone plan, addressing the problems consumers have arranging economical phone service, as indicated by a recent survey [1] conducted by the market research firm Toluna.  It shows that most consumers (63 per cent) have concerns about their mobile phone service, with its high prices, hidden fees, plan changes and charges for exceeding data limits.

In response to the demand for a simple and economical mobile phone solution, Solavei has created a comprehensive mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) to offer its members an unlimited service plan for only $49 a month.  Customers have the flexibility of being able to use any compatible GSM mobile phone, or to purchase a new HTC One S, HTC Wildfire, or ZTE Origin by Solavei.  In addition, they can also earn income now when they share their mobile phone service with their friends and relatives through Solavei's social commerce community, which is integrated with one of the main social networks.

"Today's consumers are interested in staying connected, and to do this they depend on their mobile phones, but they struggle with the high mobile service costs currently offered on the market," said Solavei founder and executive director, Ryan Wuerch. "Solavei has developed a comprehensive social commerce platform with tools and resources to make use of the power of relationships, using existing social Networks to make mobile services more economical and actually profitable for our members."

Solavei motivates customers to earn regular monthly income by doing something that many of them already do anyway, which is to suggest their favorite products or services to their friends and relatives.  In fact, nearly all consumers (93 percent) have recommended some product or service to someone. Consumers have a chance to create revenue streams by sharing their experience of mobile service with others through the social network platform integrated with Solavei.

How Solavei works
Consumers can review coverage in their area, explore phone options and sign up for services at  Through the social commerce platform and the mobile application, members can share their experience of Solavei Mobile Service with others and earn income by doing so. In its simplest form, members can make up to $20 a month for every three mobile service members (called a "Trio"), that they or someone directly connected to them signs up for mobile service. When members sign up three Trios, the earnings generated are greater than the $49 cost of their monthly plan, essentially making their mobile service free and profitable.  Members can continue to increase their regular monthly earnings by using their social networks to sign up more people for Solavei mobile services, thus turning their cell phones into a source of revenue.

Solavei matches consumer needs
Wuerch founded Solavei bearing in mind two significant changes in consumer behavior: social networks and the desire to find new ways of making money.  With regard to consumer lifestyle, Solavei recognizes that consumers are facing a difficult economic situation.  This is borne out by the results of the Solavei/Toluna survey:

  • The Need for Cell Phones – access to wireless telephony is so important to people that, in the United States, only 4 percent of consumers surveyed stated that they would cancel their phone service when finances are tight, followed by gasoline, savings and cable television.
  • Seeking Financial Stability – Many consumers are willing to plow any amount of money saved or earned through mobile phone service back into their resources, allocating more than a third (37 percent) of the money to other expenses, 28 percent for savings and 13 percent for payment of debts.   
  • Consumers Want to Sign Up – The Solavei compensation plan makes sense to survey respondents, since a majority (80 percent) said "yes" or "perhaps" they would share new mobile phone service with friends and family members, if by doing so they would receive free mobile phone service or earn extra income.


Solavei is a social network and commercial platform that enables its members to connect, share and capitalize on the power of social networks.  The mission of Solavei is to make business more accessible by motivating individuals to increase their earnings from the products and services they use and enjoy every day.

The initial product Solavei offers is economical, does not require a contract, consists of unlimited voice, text and data service in all of Puerto Rico and the United States, and has more than 30,000 members. It operates as an MVNO through a strategic partnership with T-Mobile USA. Solavei is managed by former executives and board members of the telecommunications Fortune 100.  For more information, go to For the latest news and updates, look for Solavei on social networks at and

[1] Toluna, Inc. conducted this survey on behalf of Solavei from August 29 through 31, 2012, through its omnibus online service, obtaining a national sample of 2,174 participants, aged 18 and older.  Data were calculated using scores representative of the total adult population of the United States on the basis of region, age broken down by gender, education, income, ethnicity, and internet use. Data for questions concerning internet use or behavior were specifically calculated with respect to the online population. It is not possible to calculate theoretical estimates of errors in the samples, yet a complete methodology is available. 

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