Solo International, Inc. Continues Its Exploration Program for Quebec REE Project

Oct 18, 2012, 10:28 ET from Solo International, Inc.

MONTREAL, Oct. 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Solo International, Inc. (OTC: SLIO) ("Solo International" or "the Company"), an exploration and development mining company with a focus on deposits of rare earth metals and rare earth elements, has completed its initial survey which consisted of prospecting and locating historic apatite mine sites and sampling of the mine sites located.  

The Company initiated its second phase of exploration on 16th of October 2012 with the objective of prospecting for and finding new apatite mine sites and testing the known zones for geophysical signals to be used to generate drilling targets.  A third exploration phase will consist of a ground geophysical survey which will look for similar geophysical targets as the known deposits to generate new drilling targets.  The Company intends to undertake drilling on the identified targets in a fourth phase of exploration on its Notre-Dame-De-La-Salette claims in Quebec.

Small phosphate showings were in production in the region North-East of Ottawa at the end of 19th century.  Those showings consist of skarns in association with marbles, quartzites and gneisses.  The apatite in the skarns seems to be rich in light rare earth elements.  Uranium is sometimes associated with the skarns.  (Michel Jebrak, Claude Bellehumeur and Charles Normand, 1990, Gold and Rare Earth Elements Dispersion In The Stream Of The Gatineau River, Ministry of Energy and Resources Quebec, Geological Services of Quebec)

The objective of the initial phase of exploration was to locate the historic mine site on the claims and sample the site to evaluate its REE content.  Further the objective was to try to define if there is any zoning between heavy and light REE in the skarns.  This initial phase was carried on between September 18th and 21th 2012 by a geologist and a technician.  The crew was able to locate the old mine site, along with 2 other small open pits and many outcrops in the immediate surroundings.  The site is easily accessible by main roads and a small walk through a clear bush road.  26 samples were taken on the main mine site, 11 blocks were sampled and 5 other samples were taken on other outcrops and pits.  The samples were bagged on site and then sent to Val D'Or Minerals Lab for preparation by crushing (Split off 1kg and pulverize split to better than 85% passing 75 microns) and REE assaying by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS).  The results are expected to come in during the week of the 15th of October 2012.  In the same week apatite minerals found on site will be sent to the University of Quebec's mineral lab to evaluate their REE contents with a scanning electron microscope.

The second phase exploration program started on the 16th day of October and is expected to end on the 19th day of October 2012.  The exploration team is comprised of a senior geophysicist and a technician.  Their objective is to find new mining pits in the surrounding area of the main historical pit site and to sample the new sites for REE.  The team will also undertake a geophysical reconnaissance survey.  A beep mat will be brought on the property to verify the geophysical signals of the skarns zones at surface, which is the host rock of apatite and REE.  A Beep Mat BM4+ will be used to evaluate if there are any electro magnetism and magnetism signals which will allow us to separate skarns zones and their surroundings close to the surface.

This second phase will allow the Company to better understand which geophysical methods can be used to discover new skarns and REE zones on its property.  A phase three ground geophysical survey should be able to generate drilling targets for apatite in any skarn zones identified or elsewhere on the property.  A fourth phase will then either drill or mechanically strip the geophysical anomalies.  Both third and fourth phases can be done even if the ground is frozen or if snow is present.

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