Solo International, Inc. Receives Positive Results from Initial Exploration Program for Quebec Rare Earths Project.

Dec 19, 2012, 06:25 ET from Solo International, Inc.

MONTREAL, Quebec, Dec. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Solo International, Inc. (OTC:SLIO "Solo International" or the "Company"), an exploration mining company with a focus on deposits of rare earth metals and rare earth elements is pleased to announce it has received encouraging analytical results from samples taken from the previous apatite mine sites on its Philadelphia Property, near Notre-Dame-De-La-Salette in Quebec.

During the Company's initial phase of exploration, 42 total samples were taken.  The samples were sent to Val D'Or Minerals Lab. The analysis indicates positive anomalies of light rare earth and heavy rare earth elements.  The light rare earth elements are La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Pm, Sm, Eu and Gd.  These elements are usually more frequent in REE deposits.  The heavy rare earth elements are Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb, Lu and Y.  Heavy rare earths are usually present in lower quantity in REE deposits and have a more important value than light rare earth elements.

Test results indicate the highest rare earth element (REE) anomaly tested to 0.6% REE Ox and the highest heavy rare earth element sample tested 27% of the total REE content. 

Solo's President, Michel Plante says "We are very excited with the outcome of the initial samples, having found indications of light and heavy rare earth elements.   We expect that with the completion of additional exploration phases the Company's geology team will be able to outline a future drill program.  The second exploration phase is focusing on finding which geophysical method can be used to find REE deposits while a third phase will determine those drill target by using the proper geophysical method."  

12 samples showed anomalous values of ("REE") with values ranging between 0.6% REE Ox and 0.08% REE Ox.  The most mineralized sample consists of red apatite in a skarn zone. Apatite is a phosphor mineral that can contain REE in its mineralogical structure.  The skarn zone is a rock unit that went through mineral alteration due to hydrothermal fluids.  The fluids changed the chemical composition and the environment of the rocks and resulted in mineral alterations, including the deposition of apatite in the pyroxenite.  At the Philadelphia mine site, the skarn zone can be recognized by the presence of apatite, garnets, sulphides and pyroxens.  5 of the 12 samples are blocks with green, blue or red apatite in skarn or pegmatite.  No relation is present so far between the apatite color and the REE content of the samples.  The rest of the samples are from outcrops and consist of red or blue-green apatite in skarn zones.

One of the anomalous samples showed the highest proportion of Heavy Rare Earth Elements (HREE) in comparison to the Light Rare Earth Elements (LREE) content in the analysis.  The sample has a HREE/Total REE ratio of 27% while other anomalous samples have ratios ranging between 7% and 10%.  The sample consists of a pegmatite block containing garnets, pyroxens and apatite with a total REE content of 0.09% REE Ox.  Other REE anomalous samples come from skarn rocks and are more LREE rich.  This is significant because this indicates that variations in rock type and mineralization style can affect the dispersion of REE's and thus leave the opportunity to find zones richer in total REE, including richer HREE zones.

The 11 other samples have higher LREE to HREE ratios.  They have a LREE/Total REE ratio ranging between 90% and 93%.

Rock samples analysis and apatite analysis at University of Quebec in Montreal's Scanning Electron Microscope allowed the geologists to better understand the relations between REEs and the mineral hosting the REEs.  The preliminary results are that apatite is the host mineral of REEs.  ALS Minerals, one of the largest and most diversified analytical testing service providers, has been mandated to analyze the phosphate content on 9 samples.  This will allow a better understanding of the dispersion of REEs in various apatite zones.  Phosphate results were received.  Their interpretation is still to be done and this will allow us to draw better conclusions from the microscope analysis about the dispersion of LREE and HREE in the various mineralized zones.

After the results from the phase II geophysical program, a third phase will be planned and will consist of a geophysical survey that will be used to find new apatite zones for analysis.  Drilling or mechanical stripping on anomalies will allow us to find apatite zones for sampling.  Further press releases will explain in detail the objective and time frame of the phase III and phase IV exploration programs once we have selected the proper geophysical methods to use for those phases.

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