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NOTTINGHAM, England, January 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

Over the past few months Sondico have added three new lines of football boots to their range, with each design offering advantages to each level of skill. take a look further at the new styles.

Each of the new designs are available in both SG and FG and are perfect for players who don't want to fork out for the big brands, but equally don't want to compromise on quality or performance.

The Sondico Flair football boots were the first boots to be released. At £29.99 the Flair's are ideal for beginners or for training, they feature an all leather upper and triangular moulded studs for the FG boots, and moulded with circular metal studs for the SG boots, to provide maximum performance on the pitch. They also benefit from a textured forefoot for a superb grip which in turn will increase control of the ball and improve responsiveness, comfort and confidence.

For players who are slightly more advanced, then the Sondico Precision football boots, at £39.99 are ideal. Benefiting from Poron Performance Cushioning foam for shock absorption and increased resilience, these football boots also reduce the likeliness of injury. They have the same triangular moulded studs, and combination of moulded and circular metal studs for the SG, that the Flair boots have, but benefit from an all Napa leather for a soft, smooth and durable upper. They also feature a padded forefoot to provide the player with greater control over the ball.

Constructed from Kangaroo leather the Sondico Touch football boots at £59.99, have a softer, lighter feel and provide a stronger construction when compared to the other boots. They also feature a Micro Fibre lining to the heel to prevent excessive heel movement and provide the player with increased power and comfort. Finally, they offer stiffening channels through the shank to help reduce the risk of injury and increase support.

The new Socndico range offers a boot for every level of footballer, and all ensure comfort and a sleek, professional design.

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