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Jul 05, 2012, 10:00 ET from

GUANGZHOU, China, July 5, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Based in China, SooBest is an innovative transnational B2B2C e-commerce platform. With branches in New York, London and Hong Kong respectively set for warehousing, logistics and e-marketing, SooBest is dedicated to helping tens of thousands of Chinese traditional manufacturers and online retailers sell to wholesale and retail buyers around the globe. Focusing on the product has been a core value at SooBest since day one and the company has grown largely in part to its unwavering perseverance in this area.

SooBest has separated itself from the pack by utilizing a "Manufacturers + SooBest + Global Buyers" concept which helps cut down on the time needed to complete orders. Often times, it takes more than a month for a buyer on another site to order and receive a customized dress. However, the average time for SooBest customers is under one month. Those who order through the site need only wait 15-20 days for the dress to be manufactured and another 3-8 days for delivery.

Range is also an important reason why the company has been able to successfully position itself. Apart from wedding gowns, SooBest also offers smart phones, home gardening items, beauty products, clothing and fashion accessories, and in-car electronic products.

Yet, even with stellar products, those who know e-commerce know that the key to success is to set up an outstanding platform. And so, many B2B sites seek to build a platform that releases information to buyers and manufacturers. C2C sites on the other hand, provide a platform for sellers to demonstrate their products and for the consumers to buy what they need. These B2B and C2C sites excel in their domain, but, SooBest was able to see an existing weakness and capitalize on it. They opted to combine the two concepts into one so that they could act as a complete bridge between providers and consumers.

Delivery time is also a common problem that Chinese B2C sites face. Traditional Chinese B2C sites opt for unified shipment and distribution, which means factors like time differences, holidays, and distance all affect the length of time it takes an item to reach a customer. In addition, the costs thus stay at a high level, which, also indirectly leads to higher prices and less of a desire on the consumers' part to purchase things. However, SooBest does it differently. Having implemented a region-to-region distribution mode in numerous countries and regions around the world, the company has been able to greatly shorten delivery time and reduced costs.

About SooBest

Working with over 1000 manufacturers and offering more than 150,000 kinds of commodities,  SooBest has made a name for itself by closely connecting Chinese manufacturers and overseas consumers. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal and we have strived to make SooBest a one-stop online shop with fantastic pre- and after-sales service.