SouFun Management Commented on a Short Seller's Third Report

Apr 22, 2013, 14:06 ET from SouFun Holdings Limited

BEIJING, April 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- SouFun Holdings Limited (NYSE: SFUN, "SouFun", the "Company"), the leading real estate and home related product and services Internet portal in China, responded to a short seller's third report today:

A short seller (Glaucus Research Group: "We are short seller. We are biased.") released yet another biased and self-serving report on SouFun today. Unfortunately, as persistent as the short seller seems, his report once again is based on inaccurate or incomplete facts and intentionally misleading speculations, resulting in misleading and incorrect conclusions. Here are our comments with respect to the report:

1.   As the founder of SouFun, our Chairman has been continuously contributing to SouFun's overall growth with whatever resources he has irrespective of whether SouFun pays or not as long as it is in compliance with related rules. Our Chairman's majority owned private company Beijing Pukai Shijie Investment Consultancy Company ("Beijing Pukai") provided consulting services to SouFun as disclosed in related filings but it was free to SouFun. In addition, due to the insignificance of the services in relation to SouFun, no specific disclosure in our 20-F is considered necessary.

2.   Sanya Property: Nothing new. We commented earlier.

Again, SouFun welcomes all kinds of opinions and comments with respect to its business and corporate governance even if some of them may not correctly reflect the fact. We regard these opinions and comments as useful to improve our future operations. We are confident that SouFun will be bigger, better, and stronger with its continuous efforts and positive attitude from its management and staff members.

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