SOURCECORP(R) HealthSERVE Launches Business Intelligence Offering to Support Due Diligence and Valuation in the Healthcare Provider Market

Jun 01, 2010, 09:00 ET from SOURCECORP

DALLAS, June 1 /PRNewswire/ -- SOURCECORP, Incorporated, a leading provider of business process outsourcing solutions and specialized high value consulting services, today announced the launch of a new business intelligence offering which is aimed at supporting due diligence and valuation of hospital facilities.

"We believe the timing is right for a business intelligence technology platform in this area.  Healthcare reform and the industry's unavoidable need to focus on cost control will likely increase merger and acquisition activity significantly in the coming years.  As buyers consider a potential purchase, accurately assessing the true value of revenue producing assets and processes is critical.  SOURCECORP can assist organizations in evaluating revenue assurance and risk," stated Ralph D. Burns, Division President for SOURCECORP HealthSERVE.  

With over 35 years of healthcare expertise and significant experience in mergers and acquisitions, SOURCECORP is uniquely positioned to support acquiring organizations with this Revenue Integrity and Risk Assessment offering.

This comprehensive assessment service provides the acquiring entity with an unprecedented view of the potential synergies and financial risk associated with the reimbursement cycle and overall coding compliance of the target entity.

SOURCECORP's Revenue Integrity and Risk Assessment offering is designed to:

  • Analyze, evaluate and report on the accuracy of third party reimbursements of the target entity
  • Identify underpayments (unidentified revenue) for collection either before or after acquisition
  • Improve posting processes to help eliminate future errors
  • Determine potential risk exposure as it pertains to the Revenue Audit Contractor "RAC" program and other regulatory requirements
  • Provide a comprehensive coding and compliance evaluation
  • Accurately model  revenue stream changes that will result from contract term differences between the target and acquiring entities third party payer contracts
  • Recommend operational and contracting efficiencies and identify areas for improvement.

SOURCECORP's state-of-the-art technology provides deep insight into the operational effectiveness of the target organization and supports finance, accounting and legal due diligence teams across the acquiring entity in a single, highly secure platform.  

SOURCECORP, Incorporated provides business process outsourcing solutions and specialized high value consulting services to clients throughout the United States.  SOURCECORP focuses on business processes in information-intensive industries including healthcare, legal, commercial, financial services, government, and transportation & logistics.  SOURCECORP HealthSERVE focuses on the HealthCare Provider market segment.  Headquartered in Dallas, SOURCECORP serves clients throughout the United States through a network of locations in the U.S., Mexico, Philippines and India.

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