, Inc Issues Further Update to October 15 Press Release

Nov 02, 2015, 08:00 ET from, Inc.

SAN DIEGO, November 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --, Inc. (OTC Pink: SNET) Further to the press release published on October 15, 2015 (SNET) has ordered and received additional analyses on the 2 samples that resulted in the discovery of a new carbonatite occurrence with anomalous rare earth metal values on their Eldor property in northern Quebec.  The new occurrence is bordering on the claims of Commerce Resources who have completed a positive Preliminary Economic Assessment on the Ashram Rare Earth Project.  The project is located about 130 kilometers south of Kuujjuaq, Quebec.

Additional Lanthanide analyses done by Lithium Borate Fusion, ICP-MS finish has confirmed the anomalous rare earth metal and rare earth indicator element content of the two samples (see chart below).

               Ce    Dy    Er    Eu    Gd    Ho    La    Lu    Nd
    Sample    ppm   ppm   ppm   ppm   ppm   ppm   ppm   ppm   ppm
    E504860  1450  41.9  15.3  28.5  91.8  6.47   744  1.04   728
    E504861  1420  35.2  14.1  20.8  61.9     6   791  1.16   546

               Pr    Sm    Tb    Th    Tm     U     Y    Yb    Nb
    Sample    ppm   ppm   ppm   ppm   ppm   ppm   ppm   ppm   ppm
    E504860   201   106  10.5   119  1.66  20.2   176  8.99   385
    E504861   152  79.3  8.17  20.3  1.72    12   122  9.77   515

The Lithium Borate Fusion method is more specific to the analysis of rare earth elements and have actually detected additional concentrations of Cerium (1420-1450 ppm), Lanthanum (744-791 ppm) and Yttrium (122-176 ppm).  Other significant analyses are Neodymium (546-728 ppm) and Niobium (385-515 ppm).

Anomalous rare earth elements were also detected last year east of the Commerce Resources property.  This site was located about 7.5 km northeast of the two samples described above.  Significant values were 3850 ppm Cerium, 1890 ppm Lanthanum, 964 Neodymium and 259 Yttrium (see SNET 2014 Press Releases).

SNET plans to return to the area in the Spring of 2016 to further evaluate the rare earth potential of the newly acquired claims as well as additional targets.

About The Eldor Project:, Inc. signed an agreement to acquire 100% interest in the Eldor Rare Earth Property Claims (The Eldor Project) located in Northern Quebec, Canada (one of the most favorable mining jurisdictions in the world). The Eldor Project consists of 45 mineral claims covering approximately 5232 acres and is located in Northern Quebec which is considered one of the most favorable mining jurisdictions in the world.

About, Inc.: is a U.S. based publicly traded exploration and development company. Their focus in on rare metals and rare earth elements which are among the primary input materials for the 21st Century technology.

Forward-looking Statements

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