South Carolina's SixAxis Invests $20 Million in Facility Expansion, Jobs

Partnership with State of South Carolina and Georgetown County Aids Manufacturer's Expansion

Dec 10, 2015, 16:01 ET from SixAxis

ANDREWS, S.C., Dec. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- SixAxis and its division, SafeRack, a manufacturer of loading rack and safety access solutions, have announced expansion plans to support their immediate and long term growth initiatives.

SafeRack, the State of South Carolina, and Georgetown County have aligned resources that culminated in a decision to expand the company's Andrews, S.C. facility by over 100,000 square feet.  Across both plant and equipment, the company will invest more than $20 million over the next eighteen (18) months. 

The net impact of this growth will result in the addition of more than 100 American jobs, the majority of which will be located at the Andrews, S.C., facility.  SixAxis has earned a Job Development Credit (JDC) from the state and county governments – easily qualifying for this performance-based incentive by meeting various requirements.

"Many companies opt for customer service and manufacturing facilities overseas. SixAxis has always been committed to maintaining its base in Andrews and surrounding areas," said SixAxis CEO, Rob Honeycutt. "With the amount of growth we have experienced, growing our staff and facilities became a necessity. The partnership will be a benefit to all parties involved." 

SafeRack, which Honeycutt and partner Fred Harmon founded in 2003, now has customers in more than 50 countries and has seen a 500 percent increase in sales since 2010. This growth can be attributed to SixAxis' commitment to innovation and customer service.

"We blend the latest technology with a commitment to providing our customers the best buying experience," said Honeycutt. "This is underscored by having all customer service representatives based in South Carolina and providing sales representatives the tools they need to succeed." 

In addition to SafeRack, SixAxis has nine other brands, all located in South Carolina, that encompass the fall protection, loading platform, sales resource planning and marketing industries.

"We are very proud to be the home of SixAxis and its brands," said Brian Tucker, Director of Economic Development, Georgetown County. "We have witnessed their rapid growth firsthand. The future is very bright for Rob, Fred, and their teams."

A ground-breaking ceremony will be scheduled in early 2016 to celebrate the partnership.

About SixAxis

SixAxis is the holding company for 10 brands that encompass the fall protection, loading platform, sales resource planning and marketing industries. The company is headquartered in Andrews, S.C., and is led by co-founders Rob Honeycutt and Fred Harmon.

SafeRack, ErectaStep, PerfectaStep, RollaStep, YellowGate, ErectaRack, Atlatl Software, Quotebooks, Liquid Transfer Group and Red7 make up the 10 brands of SixAxis. These brands are located in Andrews, S.C., along with satellite offices in Charleston, S.C.; Sumter, S.C.; Georgetown, S.C.; and Kent, England.

To learn more about SixAxis, visit

About SafeRack
SafeRack, based in Andrews, S.C., engineers, manufactures, delivers and installs elevated loading rack and safety cage solutions that provide optimum worker safety for truck and railcar loading applications. SafeRack gangways, platforms, safety cages and fall prevention railings and gates are designed to meet a project's unique specifications that include terminal and mobile units to maximize safety and performance requirements.

SafeRack is committed to providing the safest, OSHA-approved loading systems possible for today's workforce, as well as to safeguarding the environment. The company's spill containment systems meet stringent U.S. EPA compliance measures to ensure that oil, fuel and other hazardous materials are captured and reclaimed.

SafeRack is part of the SixAxis family of modern manufacturing brands. More information is available at


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