South End Capital Opens Up Funding for Finance Seekers with Stock

Mar 21, 2011, 16:04 ET from South End Capital Corporation

BOSTON, March 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- While loan brokers continue to swim upstream against closed coffers and tighter lending restrictions, Boston-based South End Capital Corp. (SECC), the highly innovative private lender in this funding space, has announced yet another boon for finance professionals and borrowers who have been thwarted elsewhere in an extremely conservative and capital-deprived market.

The new program offers loans of $50,000 to $100+ million against any publicly traded stock held by the individual or firm, with a surprisingly sleek two-week closing, or less.

"This unique program is designed for public companies that need loans against their stocks, individuals who own stock and want to secure loans against them, or organizations that hold stock under the company and want to leverage it," explained SECC Founder and Managing Director Noah Grayson. "All we need is the stock ticker and the requested loan amount to get started. We will be able to determine terms and interest very quickly."

Interest rates on the stock-based loans will range from 2 to 5 percent (APR), with terms up to three years (fixed). The plan offers quarterly interest-only payments. Grayson and his associates encourage queries from both borrowers and brokers.

The firm's objective, stated its founder, is to consistently implement financing programs that provide the opportunity to access capital in a fast, inexpensive and creative manner. "Our programs bypass the red tape that banks and other lenders force on potential clients," he noted.

SECC's lending plans are designed to help commercial and residential mortgage brokers, especially, refocus their own business models to swiftly provide clients with reliable funding solutions, rebalancing the currently skewed ratio of man hours invested vs. commission realized.

According to Grayson, "We've created a 'one-stop shop' solution no one else is offering at this time. Both brokers and direct borrowers are surprised at what we are able to offer, but we are determined to own this funding niche."

About South End Capital Corporation

South End Capital Corporation (SECC) is a private lender and structured finance company offering innovative funding solutions to borrowers and brokers. SECC offers loans from $50,000 to $100+ million. The company offers a variety of exclusive programs to accommodate borrowers' needs. For additional information, visit or contact Noah Grayson at (617) 948.2150/

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