Southern-Accented Corporate Intrigue Bubbles from Novelist's First Effort

Jan 04, 2010, 11:44 ET from David B. Spohn

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Jan. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Corporate back-stabbing, manipulation, sensuality, alternative lifestyles and even suicide play out before a surprise upbeat ending in a first novel from adopted Southerner David Spohn.

At dizzying speed, a business upheaval unfolds in Charlotte, NC, a burgeoning New South city. Strong plot currents emanate from headquarters in Atlanta.

"Trumped" is an apt title for the story of Brent Shannon. The marketing director of a national women's wear retail chain, he's ensnared in a scheme to deny him a promotion and ruin his career. He's thwarted at every turn until his adversary's plan unravels violently.

During four business days, with a hectic weekend sandwiched in, myriad new developments trip even the most intuitive reader. The characters confound each other in locations pulled from real-life Charlotte, including shiny business parks and trendy restaurants.

"I enjoy writing realistic fiction," Spohn said. "The story of 'Trumped' is rooted in my experience as a business leader. I've worked throughout the country, but I enjoyed setting these characters in the rich corporate stew of Charlotte, which I've adopted as my home."

Published by Corporate Connoisseur of the Atlanta suburb of Suwanee, the 294-page novel initially appeared in July 2009, but its promotion geared up with the new year. It sells for $24.95 in the United States and $28.20 in Canada.

"Trumped" is available nationally through Ingram, NASCORP,, and Books-in-Print. It is also carried by distributors in the United Kingdom.

Spohn's characters stand strong, regardless of gender. They speak realistic dialogue with colloquial precision. His to-the-point business brevity melds with savvy social awareness.

An adjunct professor in the Department of Communication at Charlotte's Central Piedmont Community College, Spohn earned a master's in Organizational Communication and Marketing from the University of Kansas.

He knows his subject well. He fashioned his own highly successful career that included rising to president and chief executive of Northwest Fabrics and Crafts, a multi-million dollar retail subsidiary of Fortune 500 member ConAgra Inc.

After selling that company, he founded The DBS Group in 1998. The Charlotte-based firm helps businesses increase the speed with which they compete in the global marketplace. Concurrently, he started writing and teaching.

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