Southern California Property Owners and Managers Need to Take More Care Than Ever, says Fire Protection Group, Inc.

This summer's intense fire season may signal a long-term increase in the severity of fire risk, especially for buildings located near forests and brush

Aug 01, 2013, 18:15 ET from Fire Protection Group, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- If you think we're seeing more and bigger fires this year than in previous fire seasons, it's not just your imagination. Fortunately, Fire Protection Group, Inc. is here to help ensure that business and residential properties are fully protected. Led by general manager and lead engineer George Saadian, retired Los Angeles Fire Department Chief Al Hernandez, and fellow LAFD veteran, Captain Bob Holloway, FPG Inc. is fully aware that we are no longer dealing with your father's fire protection landscape. The company is fully prepared to deal with the ongoing changes.

Even as the recent Mountain Fire near Palm Springs was largely pacified by some unseasonable rainstorms, the need for outstanding protective services in order to deal with a level of fire danger that simply didn't exist in prior decades is clear. Indeed, the increased necessity for the very latest in fire sprinkler equipment for structures is backed up by the latest science and observation.

Discover magazine's Tom Yulsman wrote the following in a July 23, 2013 blog post: "With the driest January through June on record in California, and continuing severe drought in large portions of the rest of the West, there's little doubt that more wildfire is in store, perhaps a lot more, before the burning season is over."

Mr. Yulsman goes on to point out that more long term changes are in the offing and, in turn, quotes forestry expert Dr. Ray Rasker. "It's not just a matter of perception — fires are bigger, fire season is longer and more intense, and the costs for fighting fires have tripled."

While this new reality will necessarily have a large impact on how some of our tax dollars are spent, it also underlines the need for the highest level of protection for private buildings. From fire pump testing to a selection of the finest fire standpipes and alarm systems, FPG Inc. is here to ensure that property and lives are as safe as possible. The company also understands that code compliance is always a major concern for businesses and residences of all types. That's why Fire Protection Group, Inc. works to make sure that companies and individuals can squeeze the maximum amount of safety and security out of their fire protection dollar, while also obeying all relevant codes and laws.

FPG, Inc. is especially well situated to ensure safety and compliance because the enforcement as well as the revision of some of those codes has been the responsibility of the company's primary figures. Al Hernandez spent 32 years working for the LAFD, beginning his career as a fire inspector. Captain Holloway is a highly respected fire department veteran; prior to his retirement in 2012, he was in charge of construction services at LAFD.  In addition, both Chief Hernandez and George Saadian have been personally involved in revising many of the same fire codes that are currently in force. It would be extremely difficult to find a team that is better prepared to ensure that a property meets all codes and safety standards in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Southern California's fire environment might be changing, but the highly respected professionals at Fire Protection Group, Inc. know how to deal with those changes.

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