Southern California's Improved Bodies Market Themselves

Beverly Hills Physicians is proud to note the Southland's unique status as a mecca for plastic surgery for breast augmentation and beauty improvements.

Jun 27, 2014, 17:18 ET from Beverly Hills Physicians

LOS ANGELES, June 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- While breast augmentation gets plenty of attention in the news and display advertising just about everywhere, in Southern California the procedure markets itself naturally. The dedicated team at Beverly Hills Physicians observes that the beautiful bodies seen often in the Southland – especially in the summer – serve as living, breathing advertisements for plastic surgery that takes advantage of the artistry of outstanding board certified practitioners to boost swimsuit looks and self-esteem.

There's no doubt about it: breast augmentation and other surgical improvements to enhance one's body and beauty are constantly in the news. Just recently, actor Nicole Kidman was publicly suspected of having breast improvement work; New York's governor protested subway ads for breast augmentation surgery; and an Australia woman sought surgery due to her obsession with the figure of cartoon character Jessica Rabbit. Beverly Hills Physicians welcomes the attention paid to cosmetic procedures – but in the Greater Los Angeles Area it is not necessarily needed.

California sunshine allows Los Angeles residents to proudly display their improved bodies at beaches, waterparks, sporting events, and countless other venues. The fact that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's stance against cleavage-revealing subway ads has not translated to protests over similar ads in the Golden State is not surprising. Beverly Hills Physicians points out that this type of controversy mainly just proves that enhanced breasts and surgically improved bodies really do attract attention.

The popularity of BHP with Southern California patients is not hard to see but it is part of a trend. Nationwide, respected plastic surgeons are proud of their work, and the public is responding. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that there were 15.1 million total cosmetic procedures in 2013, and that the number of breast augmentation procedures has increased by about 37% since 2000.

Certainly in advertising materials, plastic surgeons should be sensitive to the desires of families to protect children from seeing unsuitable materials. However, little can be done to prevent individuals with improved bodies from taking advantage of Southern California summer weather to show off. While everyone's standards on such matters are different, Beverly Hills Physicians' sees nothing wrong with patients tastefully displaying their new bodies at beaches and attractions.

Indeed, plastic surgery patients are the best marketing tool there is for plastic surgeons. Beverly Hills Physicians is delighted to be producing the kind of results so more people than ever want to jump on the cosmetic surgery bandwagon.

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