SouthernLINC Wireless Shares Five Easy Ways to Enhance Hurricane Awareness Through Everyday Technology

Forecasted active storm season and Gulf of Mexico oil spill warrant added precaution in Southeast

Aug 31, 2010, 11:30 ET from SouthernLINC Wireless

ATLANTA, Aug. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Historically, late August through October are the most dynamic months of the Atlantic basin hurricane season, with maximum storm activity occurring in early-to-mid-September. Because severe weather can develop quickly during this peak time of year, SouthernLINC Wireless, a Southern Company (NYSE: SO), wants to help residents of "hurricane alley" be better equipped to react to emerging storm systems. Increasing hurricane readiness and awareness is as easy as following five simple tips that can be implemented using a cell phone or computer.



Meteorologists are predicting that this year's hurricane season, which runs through Nov. 30, will yield above average storm activity. In addition, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has compounded concerns about the potential impact a hurricane could have on the coastal area.

According Colorado State University researchers, not much is known about what happens when oil and hurricanes mix; however, it is feasible that a hurricane could drive more oil further towards the Gulf Coast. Moreover, earlier this month, scientists at the University of Georgia asserted that as much as 79 percent of the leaked oil and its toxic byproducts remain in the Gulf. Given this serious environmental and public safety threat, advance preparation for severe weather is now more crucial than ever.

"With the added complications the Gulf oil spill has brought to the region, SouthernLINC Wireless reminds our Southeastern customers and neighbors to take extra precautions for the remainder of hurricane season," said Bob Dawson, president and CEO of SouthernLINC Wireless. "Preparation and knowledge are the cornerstones to safety and survival before, during and after a storm hits, and your mobile phone is a versatile tool that can help you become well-informed and ready to act in the event of severe weather."

Whether you reside along the coast or beyond, SouthernLINC Wireless offers these five easy ways to enhance hurricane awareness and preparation through everyday technology:

1. Become familiar with the features of your phone and how to use alternate methods of wireless communication, including Push To Talk two-way radio and text messaging. During an emergency, these services may be available to help you keep in contact with others.

2. If you have a smartphone, such as the Android™-powered Motorola i1, download a flashlight application. If the power suddenly goes out, you'll have a temporary emergency light at your fingertips to help illuminate the way to a safe place or just keep you from stubbing a toe while lighting candles.

3. Subscribe to a weather tracking application on your phone or smartphone. Services such as My-Cast® or WeatherBug® can provide on-the-go access to critical storm information.

4. Plan primary and alternate evacuation routes before a hurricane threatens to make landfall. Download a GPS-enabled smartphone application, get driving directions from an online site or try a navigational program like BlackBerry® Maps. Pre-loaded on the BlackBerry Curve™ 8350i smartphone from SouthernLINC Wireless, BlackBerry Maps features turn-by-turn directions, which can easily be bookmarked for quick retrieval when you need them.

5. Using your Web browser, track the latest storm advisories from the National Hurricane Center, and get news, weather and evacuation information from your favorite local television station's website.

SouthernLINC Wireless understands how important it is to be prepared before a hurricane strikes. Wireless communications often play a vital role in weather-related emergencies, so make sure your provider is committed to keeping its network running in severe conditions. Adding back-up power generators and base radios at critical cell sites in advance of potentially serious weather fronts are two activities SouthernLINC Wireless performs to prepare its network for increased use before, during and after a storm.

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