SoxsolS: The Reusable, Hidden Substitute For Socks

May 28, 2015, 07:23 ET from SoxsolS

CORVALLIS, Ore., May 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- SoxsolS washable shoe inserts are reusable shoe inserts designed to be machine washable and dryer safe. SoxsolS "renew" their grip with every laundry cycle and can be reapplied into sandals and other shoes in lieu of socks.

SoxsolS are made by combining two layers; a top layer of fabric, a bottom layer of composite silicon rubber to create a thin insert that grips the footbed of sandals as well as closed shoes.

SoxsolS proprietary silicon rubber bottoms serve a dual purpose. It's inherent tackiness acts as a slip resistant material, keeping SoxsolS in place under your foot. This layer also prevents perspiration from soaking into the shoe or sandal, causing odor and staining.

The top layer of high quality natural fibers, either cotton French Terry or Melton wool, wicks perspiration away from the feet and provides airflow which allows the foot to breathe.

SoxsolS are designed and manufactured by SoxsolS, LLC. The Corvallis, Oregon based company was founded in 2009 to address the basic problem with sock-less footwear; the build up of foul odor and sliminess under the foot that comes from bare feet sweating into them.

It was during graduate school summers in California, that SoxsolS' founder stumbled upon a need to address this problem when his roommate insisted he begin washing his Teva sandals due to their odorous funk.

Realizing the need for a sweat absorbent, machine washable fabric layer to augment sandals, but unwilling to commit a double faux pas by wearing socks with sandals resulted in the invention of SoxsolS.

While this invention may have come about via an innovative solution to a trivial problem, it's no small issue for many Americans who suffer from hyperhidrosis, or abnormally high perspiration.

SoxsolS also represents a significant contribution to the fashion industry in that they act as fit enhancement devices to prevent slipping around and blisters in expensive footwear, thus increasing comfort. They also prevent staining of expensive footwear from the acids generated in all feet.

SoxsolS is proudly manufactured in Oregon, USA. We source all of our fabrics from North America.

SoxsolS are distributed through Burten Distribution, a footwear supplier based in Los Angeles and Miami Leather Co., based in Miami. For more information or to order SoxsolS, go to

For additional information, please contact SoxsolS, LLC at 541.727.1952 or email at

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