SpeakerCraft Launches TV Speaker

The SpeakerCraft Protege System Offers Great Sound and Bluetooth Connectivity

Jun 26, 2012, 08:00 ET from SpeakerCraft

NEW YORK, June 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Consumer Electronics Week 2012
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Monday, June 25, 2012

SpeakerCraft today announced the introduction of its all-new SpeakerCraft Protege TV Speaker, an under-TV sound system that makes Flat-Panel TVs sound as good as they look. With powerful loudspeakers, subwoofers and DSP technology housed in one beautifully designed cabinet, the SpeakerCraft Protege easily connects to TVs in a matter of minutes. 

SpeakerCraft engineers focused on improving male and female vocals, increased higher listening levels for larger rooms and much deeper bass. The twin 5 1/4" woofers in a tuned enclosure produce low-end bass that flat panel TVs just cannot deliver. The SpeakerCraft Protege is also enabled with Bluetooth, easily connecting the customer with the music library from their Smartphone instead of traditional broadcast music sources. 

According to SpeakerCraft's Keith Marshall, "Every TV out there has one unfortunate characteristic. A weakness that has been there for so long, most consumers have just come to accept it as 'the way it is.' And that weakness is the sound. Our TV Speaker presents a uniquely SpeakerCraft solution for the people who don't want to incur the expense of a room full of speakers and AVR receiver but still want Hi-Resolution sound to go with their Digital Flat-Panel TV."

Marshall added, "It makes no difference if the TV has the smallest or largest screen available, or is budget or luxury priced. Despite dramatic improvements in picture quality over time, all television sets have consistently under-delivered on the quality of the sound. With SpeakerCraft Protege, that long standing, ever-present problem has now been solved."

SpeakerCraft Protege sounds as good as it does because it's built with premium SpeakerCraft components, in an optimized, bass reflex enclosure, with custom DSP electronics and amplification. These include two 5 1/4" long-throw subwoofers, four 2 1/2" midranges and two 1" soft dome tweeters, in a midrange-tweeter-midrange positioning for optimum imaging.

The product's amplifier features a 60-watt power supply providing 20 watts to the 5 1/4" drivers, 15 watts to the midranges and 10 watts to the tweeters. An on-board limiter protects the woofer's driver from being over-powered while at the same time maintaining clean and undistorted sound, even at high output levels.

The SpeakerCraft Protege TV Speaker works with TVs mounted on stands or wall mounted. It will be available for shipping in the fall of 2012. 

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Since its founding in 1976, SpeakerCraft, LLC has built an internationally-recognized brand of architectural loudspeakers and electronics. The company is a leader in the residential custom-installation industry and attributes this to its dedicated customer service support programs that ensure smooth and trouble-free business operations. SpeakerCraft, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nortek, Inc.

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