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Feb 08, 2012, 06:10 ET from Full Disclosure Network



WASHINGTON, Feb. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Attorneys Sterling "Ernie" Norris and Paul Orfanedes describe the historic decision won by Judicial Watch (JW) in the Sturgeon v County of L.A. where more than $350,000,000 in payments to State Superior Court judges were illegally paid by L.A. County.  Watch this one minute video preview here from a Special Full Disclosure Series.  Payments were paid secretly to State judges for over twenty years, then Judicial Watch won a 2008 landmark decision holding the payments to judges were illegal and violated the California Constitution. http://www.fulldisclosure.net/Programs/614.php

Good Old Boys Network In L.A.

Ernie Norris, was a veteran Deputy District Attorney of Los Angeles for more three decades and is now serving as the Director of the Judicial Monitoring Project for Judicial Watch. In segment three (below) Norris describes a "Good Old Boys" association of prosecutors, judges, criminal and defense attorneys in Los Angeles that foster a suspicious cooperation influencing judicial and political elections.

Public Interest Law

Paul Orfanedes, is Director of Litigation for Judicial Watch, based in Washington D.C.  He describes the public interest organization's mission to established case law in the field of Freedom of Information Act requests as part of their campaign for government transparency and accountability.

As a result of the JW Sturgeon vs. L.A. County lawsuit, the integrity of State Superior Court Judges who took the illegal payments prompted a 2009 emergency Senate Bill SBX2 11, enacted to give Judges retroactive criminal immunity from prosecution for doing so. Norris describes the legal battle underway between the legislature and the Commission On Judicial Performance to determine if that legislation is Constitutional. Two California Attorney Generals, Jerry Brown and Kamala Harris, have been asked to re-consider Senate Bill SBX2 11 and the retroactive immunity from discipline and prosecution for State Judges, who took millions in taxpayer funds unlawfully.

Watch all segments online here: (8 minutes each)

Segment #1   JW Monitoring Judicial Integrity  

Segment #2 Who Disciplines Corrupt Judges?   

Segment #3   The Good Old Boys Judicial Appointment System  

Segment #4  Judicial Code of Silence Revealed

Segment #5  Judicial Watch Monitors, Exposes Government  

Segment #6  JW Says No Court Transparency

Segment#7 Arrogant Judges Make Bad Public Policy

Segment #8 Judicial Abuse and Public Safety

Segment #9  Abuse of Civil Contempt Cases


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