Specific Media Launches Householding™

Revolutionary media solution connects brands to the multi-screen home, through a single source of delivery and reporting.

Sep 24, 2012, 06:00 ET from Specific Media

IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Specific Media today announces the launch of Householding™, a holistic media-planning solution that allows advertisers to reach all internet-connected devices within the multi-screen household.

Until now, the overall effective reach of a multi-platform, multi-format campaign has been unknown. Householding™ approaches all connected devices in a house as part of the same ecosystem, meaning all screens – PC, tablet, laptop, mobile, games console and IPTVs – can be secured through one media buy. By clustering all devices connected through a household's IP address, Specific Media's product eradicates audience fragmentation by treating all screens as part of a unified whole and provides truly authentic, multi-device frequency capping. All of these features make ad delivery more efficient and cost-effective.

Householding™ also provides a unified way of measuring and evaluating a campaign across all screens. Specific Media's new evaluation tool enables agencies and advertisers to calculate Digital Gross Rating Points (GRPs) and Cost Per Point (CPP) metrics across all digital devices. This means advertisers can finally use a single metric to comprehensively compare the effectiveness of campaigns in both digital and traditional media advertising. Additionally, Specific Media is working with TRUSTe to ensure that Specific Media's Householding™ technology platform conforms to the highest standard of consumer privacy protection.

"Specific Media is working with TRUSTe under our privacy requirements to ensure that their Householding technology platform is delivered with high data protection standards," said Dave Deasy, VP of Marketing at TRUSTe. "Specific Media is and has always been an early adopter when it comes to providing consumers with notice and choice over the collection and use of their data online."

Through its design, Householding™ also harnesses the power of influence within the home, making it ideal for multi-person purchase decisions, such as travel, automotive and household goods. Not only does Householding™ target the primary decision maker within the household, but also those who influence the purchase decision, utilizing the power of brand advocacy and household interaction.

Advertisers are currently facing challenges with technology, resources and measurement to effectively and efficiently take advantage of changes caused by widespread adoption of new devices and a surge in multi-screen viewing habits. Householding™ looks to solve the problem facing brands caused by the shift in media consumption. With the launch of Householding™, Specific Media is bringing digital advertising in line with the way today's technology-savvy, inherently social consumers behave and interact with content.

Colin Petrie-Norris, managing director - international, at Specific Media said, "Specific Media has been at the forefront of providing market-leading digital advertising solutions for over a decade. With the launch of Householding™, we're proud to be continuing that charge with the next-generation of media buying. Householding™ brings digital advertising in line with the habits of today's multi-screen, social consumer, by providing advertisers and agencies with a time and cost effective solution to multi-device campaign delivery and reporting."

For more information about the media planning revolution, please visit http://www.specificmedia.com/householding.

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