Spectrum - Adaptive Wireless Communications: Technologies and Markets

Feb 18, 2016, 14:24 ET from ReportBuyer

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Wireless communications is under stress due to a rapid growth of traffic volume and limited available spectrum. This tendency necessitates rational utilization of this frequency spectrum, which became the most expensive entity in wireless networking. Meanwhile, multiple industry studies show that available licensed frequency spectrum is extremely underutilized. The relatively low utilization of the licensed spectrum suggests that spectrum scarcity, as perceived today, is largely due to inefficient fixed frequency allocations rather than any physical shortage of spectrum.

The report analyzes modern communications technologies based on Cognitive Radio/Software Defined Radio (CR/SDR) that allow adaptive use of the spectrum in accordance with instantaneous space/time coordinates. The CR technology is heavily dependent upon the SDR technology as radio needs to be configurable according to the prevailing spectrum environment.

Current technologies for dynamic spectrum access largely rely on database-managed approaches. Standards are also emerging that incorporate cognitive elements, where devices can adapt their operating parameters in conjunction with a centralized database. Autonomous cognitive capabilities through sensing techniques at the device level would, where feasible, offer far greater flexibility for future sharing, These emerging techniques could be used within a number of bands across the radio spectrum to deliver different types of wireless service, and could play a role in making more efficient use of spectrum by improving channel throughput within shared operating environments.

Related to CR/SDR standards and markets are subjects of this report research. As an example, one of the first commercial CR/SDR application – TV White Space (TVWS) communications is being discussed. The survey of multiple vendors' portfolios was conducted.

1. The CR/SDR technologies, applications, the industry and markets analyses have been performed to show roots of TVWS communications.
2. TVWS communications origin, properties, regulations, standards and the industry have been analyzed.

The report concludes that development of CR/SDR for WS and particular TVWS communications opens a door to utilization previously unused windows of wireless spectrum saving valuable resources and contributing into growth of the economy.

This report, in particular, provides:

- An overview of the regulatory climate for CR/SDR in major developed countries.
- The analysis of the CR/SDR standardization process
- An overview CR/SDR technologies specifics
- The analysis of CR/SDR applications, including military, Public Safety Communications, and commercial
- The analysis of market drivers from perspective of various industry and users groups
- Analyses of CR/SDR global market trends, with projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs): 2015- 2019.
- Market intelligence on SDR based solutions in the commercial, government, and military industry segments.
- Market geographical specifics
- Estimate of major market components
- Information on key suppliers of CR/SDR products and their profiles.

- Overview of TVWS developmental cycles
- Analysis of the regulatory climate: FCC, Ofcom, other
- Use cases
- Standardization: IEEE, ETSI, ECMA, IETF
- Survey of the industry
- Marketing considerations

Patents Survey-
- WS communication - related patents identified and information provided (limited to patents approved in 2015).
- CR - related patents identified and information provided (limited to patents approved in 2015).

The report is written for a wide audience of researches, engineers and managers that are involved in the development and utilization of cognitive radios and related technologies.

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