Spiritual Lecture on Tao and Sex with meditation guru Ilchi Lee to air on LifeParticle.com

Oct 26, 2012, 08:30 ET from LifeParticle.com

SEDONA, Ariz., Oct. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Health, sex, money and fame could be considered some of life's most astounding issues. The obsession with or lack of any of these things seems to create disharmony in life. In Tao 12 Markers: Tao and Sex, a special feature to be presented by LifeParticle.com on Friday, October 26th and Saturday, October 27th, New York Times bestselling author of The Call of Sedona and meditation expert, Ilchi Lee, will share spiritual wisdom on the issue.

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This marks the first release of a spiritual lecture about sexuality, sexual health and dealing with sexual trauma on LifeParticle.com. An exciting new and very necessary venture into the spirit of sex, Tao 12 Markers: Tao and Sex, promises to be an enticing and informative event.

This special feature also celebrates the sleek re-imaging of the site with added content included free online Dahn Yoga classes, an expanded energy meditation groups community and additional articles encompassing the site's primary concept, LifeParticles.

LifeParticle.com is also playing host to a Gangnam Style Yoga Video contest in acknowledgment of its new interface and features. The contest runs until November 11th. Prizes include an iPad, video camera and an ultimate yoga package sponsored by yoga retailer HSP World.

For more information about the contest visit: Yoga Gangnam Style Contest

To watch the lecture go to Lecture on Tao and Sex

More about LifeParticle.com:

LifeParticle.com houses LifeParticle TV and an Energy Meditation Groups community. Inspired by Ilchi Lee's teachings, LifeParticle.com provides enriching live broadcasting, spiritual lectures, free online yoga classes, simple guided meditations, mindful living tips, news and updates anyone can use anytime, anywhere.

This innovative site aims to share the power and possibilities of meditation and 'LifeParticles,' as conceptualized by visionary, Ilchi Lee, with the world. Focusing on various aspects of spirituality, LifeParticle TV is for beginners and experienced meditators alike.

More on Ilchi Lee

Embracing the Korean Taoist tradition, known as Sun Do, Ilchi Lee awakened to the universal principle that humanity is connected to the Cosmos, the Earth and all of creation.

Following his life changing experience on Moak Mountain, Lee felt a strong conviction to share what he had learned. He wanted to help people become physically healthier so they could make healthy choices, recognizing how many people making healthy choices would help improve society.

He began teaching for free in a park in Anyang, South Korea, first assisting a lone stroke patient, and then training large groups of people. In 1985, after five years of lessons in the park, he rented a space in Seoul that became the first Dahn Center.

The exercises he taught gradually evolved to include a wide variety of over 360 meditative and brain enhancement techniques, which he systematized into different programs and workshops, and organized into five steps. This system of mind-body-spirit training is now known as Brain Education. It integrates ancient, millennia old, Korean philosophy and Sundo culture with applied neuroscience to teach optimal brain utilization. Beyond exercises, Brain Education offers wisdom for healthy living and the successful development of children and aging of adults.

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