Spondo Roars into North America

Apr 03, 2013, 01:36 ET from Spondo

LOS ANGELES, April 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Fresh off the heels of a content-sharing deal with Inception Media and the launch of its dedicated martial arts channel, online streaming and content syndication company Spondo today announced the formation of a strategic alliance with ROAR, LLC, one of the leading talent, music and brand management firms in the United States. The partnership will pave the way for the opening of Spondo's first North American office in Los Angeles in the coming weeks.

Based in Beverly Hills, California, ROAR will drive Spondo's expansion into North America and focus on acquiring content, securing partnerships with production companies, studios and creative agencies plus managing account services for the startup. 

The alliance brings Spondo Global CEO & Director Chris Adams back the city that helped launch his illustrious career in film, technology and digital media and will provide a foothold for the startup in one of the world's largest media markets.  The proximity of the office to major media companies and film studios will allow the servicing of large content contracts and the rapid addition of distributors as Spondo grows both its content holdings and the scope of its affiliate base. 

Speaking about the deal, Chris Adams commented, "Our strategic alliance with ROAR is another indicator of the strength of Spondo's business model and our commitment to global growth. With ROAR's talented staff working on our behalf, we will continue to acquire content and affiliate distributors at a rapid pace and reshape the way consumers find, view and produce content online.  Being on the ground in Los Angeles allows us unparalleled access to the latest and greatest in film, TV and pay per view content, as well as helping us establish a North American corporate presence."

Trent Blacket, Director of ROAR Asia-Pacific stated, "We are excited to be working with Spondo as it seeks to revolutionize the content streaming business.  This is a new business model that will likely shape the industry for years to come, and I am looking forward to seeing the great things that our companies will achieve together."

1. About Spondo

Spondo provides proprietary content syndication and revenue distribution software that empowers anyone with a website to broadcast Spondo content via PPV, live-streaming or ad-supported models. 

Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Spondo seeks to connect content owners with affiliates and their communities through an innovative business model of revenue sharing, turn-key technology solutions and marketing tools that make it easy to make money from content worldwide. Spondo is owned by holding company RivusTV Limited. www.spondo.com

2. About Roar LLC

ROAR is a talent, music and brand management firm with expertise in career & business development, strategic partnerships and marketing techniques. ROAR integrates the services we provide with the corresponding business networks we operate within to create and leverage opportunities for our clients.  The ROAR team comes from diverse yet complementary backgrounds in music, motion picture, television, publishing, concert & event production, branded entertainment, digital marketing, media strategy, corporate partnerships, retail, finance and legal, offering a true 360 degree approach to client service.  Our clients include leading musicians, actors, writers, directors, comedians, entertainment & lifestyle companies, experts & icons, and family offices engaged in entertainment and lifestyle initiatives. In addition, ROAR has a portfolio of investments in media, entertainment, lifestyle, hospitality, apparel and digital marketing companies.  ROAR Asia-Pacific advises ROAR's clients in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, Japan, Hong Kong and mainland China. 

For more information on ROAR, please contact Liz Norris at media@roar.la or 310.424.7800. 



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